Polished Concrete & Microcement In Oakham, Rutland

Professional services for polished concrete and microcement application in Oakham, Rutland and the surrounding areas.

A Polished Concrete Floors in Oakham Rutland

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Polished Concrete Oakham, Rutland

For many years CARRcrete have ground and polished concrete floors to our InfinityFloor standard throughout the Rutland area, including towns such as Empingham, Oakham, Somerby and Uppingham.

We’ve also applied our advanced microcement overlays to floors, walls and furntiture to both new build properties and renovation projects in the same areas around the greater Rutland area.

We aren’t your average team of contractors, we not only design our diamond abrasive tools, chemical hardeners and sealers but have also developed and manufacture our microcement products and are confident that we are currently the only company actually doing this.

The panel to the right will lead you to our current range of polished concrete and microcement finishes; all of which are available from our team of professionals in the Rutland area.

Microcement Floors In Rutland

This photo is from a project in Oakham Rutland where the client had an existing sand:cement screed and height allowance for a full concrete slab.

We added our MicroFloor overlay which is a 3mm thick microcement product to creates the look of polished concrete with very little height increase.

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A Microcement floor in Rutland Oakham

The Rutland area is just a short drive from our base in the Nottinghamshire countryside, hence we’ve spent many a journey driving down the A1 towards Oakham or through Melton Mowbray to the smaller villages in Rutland.

Over the years we have applied our microcement products - MicroFloor & MicroWall to residential projects across the area for both new build homes and existing homes in extensions and conservatories. MicroFloor is a really tough and robust, yet incredibly stylish option for those who love the look of concrete flooring but do not have the room for a new concrete floor.

This means you can add MicroFloor microcement in Oakham Rutland to existing surfaces such as cement screeds or tiled floors and turn them into the highly desirable cement finish.

MicroWall can be added to plastered walls, cement boards or plasterboards to create stylish feature walls. We have a large range of colours and tones to help complement your interior design or furniture.

What Makes Our Polished Concrete Different?

CARRcrete were one of the pioneers of polished concrete within the residential environment, and as such we have developed our own machinery and diamond tooling to work with standard power supplies. It is very rare that we would need a 3 phase power supply and then only really for larger projects.

The projects we carry out around Oakham and the wider Rutland area are mostly high end residential projects, although we are currently specified to some prestigious commercial projects for later in the year. Our polished concrete and microcement skills will be on full display.

Our Microcement Is Unique

We are very proud of our microcement products range, they are truly unique. Great effort has gone into developing these thin coat overlays to ensure that they are robust, resilient, look stunning and easy to maintain.

The microcement projects we have completed around Rutland all use our ECO friendly formulations; reduced water usage, recycled glass and cement replacements are all used for optimum results.