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Learn more about the team at CARRcrete polished concrete here on our about us page. We are the friendly and approachable concrete polishing experts.

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About Us

Ok, why would anyone get so excited about concrete that they choose to work, breathe and live it every day? We know the answer! 

CARRcrete Polished Concrete are a small, family owned company with a reputation for great work and a multitude of skills which enable us to create beautiful polished concrete surfaces.

We love what we do and have spent many years understanding and advancing the field of polished concrete and the application of microcement overlays.

Poor old concrete, it does get a bad rap doesn’t it? With the general perception that it’s cold, dusty, boring and rather uninspiring the team here at CARRcrete know different and want to spread that message far and wide. We’ve built up a great relationship with concrete over the last decade or so and know that it can be beautiful, stylish and unique when cleaned and maintained correctly.

Our mission is to become the ‘go to’ company for all things polished concrete, whether that be to work on your project, give trustworthy advice or provide you with the best concrete consumables . Our promise is to provide the highest level of customer service and deliver premium value for our customers.

Photo of Dave Carr from Carrcrete

CARRcrete Polished Concrete was born in 2010 when our MD Dave Carr was working in the flooring industry but predominantly polishing stone floors, working with terrazzo and restoring Minton tiled floors. 

On a holiday in the United States Dave discovered polished concrete flooring which was starting to gain popularity in America but was largely unknown at home. On his return, he resolved to understand it completely and bring this exciting medium to the UK.

After only two years of polishing concrete, Dave had been chosen to work on Grand Designs projects and with the likes of Jamie’s Italian Restaurant Chain. Finding that the grinding and polishing machinery available to the trade could be improved, Dave designed his own in order to be able to achieve the best results for his clients. Always an innovator and never one to follow the crowd, this is something that he still does to this day.

Over the last ten years we have also developed our own range of diamond abrasive tooling and concrete grinders which our teams use daily on all of our projects. We also sell these tools across the globe via our online store and via direct trade sales.

Concrete is an imperfect medium to work with and it has been a constant challenge for us to stay one step ahead of this ever changing medium. A defining moment for CARRcrete came in 2014 when we were faced with having to transform a number of really badly laid floors, which is terribly stressful for our clients and can produce uncertain results. 

Dave decided to solve this problem by designing and engineering a new concrete product to bring to market and solve the problems he had been experiencing, by being able to offer clients an alternative. An alternative both if things don’t go to plan or if a client has their own specific requirements.

After a lot of work and two years of trials CARRcrete PROtop and Microfloor overlays were developed and we were successfully using them in house on our own projects. These products have since gained huge trade interest and are being prepared to go on general sale within the next 3 months.

CARRcrete also manufacture our high strength repair mortars, grout fillers and of course our very well respected range of concrete densification and sealing products. Everything we sell via our online store is a product that we use ourselves on site, ensuring not only that it’s top quality but that it’s also user friendly. No other independent UK based company has devoted so much time and effort into developing their own products.

In 2019 we began developing our on site training programme and this is something we’re working really hard to grow in 2020. We offer training both to people new to the industry and also to experienced contractors who feel like they would benefit from up-skill training. New industry advancements are happening all the time and it can be difficult to keep up with them all. At CARRcrete not only do we try to keep up with them, we aim to be the company discovering these advancements first.

We’re happy to share the wealth of knowledge we have accumulated over the years in the hope that the popularity of polished concrete will continue to grow and in return, more people with be able to experience it and live with it in their workplaces and homes.

We’re always interested in speaking with like-minded businesses within the construction industry who are thinking of diversifying into working with concrete overlays and microcements We have begun to grow a network of colleagues nationwide with a view of becoming an industry consortium, all with the shared aim of providing a high level of workmanship within the trade and supporting each other’s business goals.

We hope this gives you an insight into what drives us here at CARRcrete, what we’re trying to achieve and the values that we hold. We want you to feel safe in our hands and are here to help you every step of the way. Join us throughout 2020 to make our visions, and yours a reality.

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Above everything else let’s make a deal - if anyone mentions to you that concrete is cold, dull and undesirable, make sure you tell them that you know different!

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