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CARRcrete polished concrete are a family business that excels in providing quality polished concrete floors. Our list of clients is extensive; encompassing celebrities, blue chip companies, bars and restaurants and of course clients with a keen eye for a quality finish.

We undertake projects ranging from small domestic works through to huge warehouse and factory refurbishments. Each year we polish more concrete than the majority of the competition combined, because we offer the best finish and service at a fair price; how much does polished concrete cost you may ask? We are happy to match any genuine like for like quotation and still offer a higher level of customer service and finish quality. Is there such a thing as cheap polished concrete?

CARRcrete own the following machinery within our fleet, all of which we can field at any time on a project, subject to site conditions.

2 x 300mm Single head grinders (edging, small works) 90kg
2 x 350mm Single head grinders (surface prep, edging, small works) 100kg
3 x 550mm Three head planetary (surface prep, grinding/polishing 20-150m2 works) 200kg**
3 x 650mm Quad head planetary (surface prep, grinding/polishing 40-500m2 works) 380kg**
3 x 800mm Quad head planetary (surface prep, grinding/polishing 100-1000m2 works) 550kg
2 x 20″ UHS Burnishers
2 x 27″ UHS Burnishers

**Two machines can be joined side by side for double productivity

Our dust extraction systems consist of dual cyclone pre separators, class H filtration vacuums and ultra HEPA filter bags for cleaner working environments.

We have created our own concrete polishing concept ‘CARRcrete InfinityFloor‘ and our diamond abrasive technology with bespoke machinery that produces levels of gloss and clarity unrivalled in the industry. We also manufacture our advanced cement/concrete products to help us accommodate our clients colour, aggregate and environmental requirements.

Please note that our portfolio contains unedited non-professional photos of our own work. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not use stock or brochure images which are handed out to them when they buy machinery. If you want polished concrete flooring, come to the professionals, the ones with the experience, portfolio and expertise.

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Residential And Commercial Polished Concrete Floors

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