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Contact CARRcrete Polished Concrete today to see how our professional team can transform your concrete to our InfinityFloor standard.

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Why No Phone Number?

Please note that we are first and foremost site contractors, we spend the majority of our day either pushing large grinding machines or applying concrete overlays.

So please don’t think of us as being rude when we do not have a phone number readily available.

Please note, we do not work within the M25

It is easiest to send us your questions via email or request a price via our quotation form, we will then contact you as soon as we have a break in our site work.

Thanks for your understanding.

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What Services We Offer

CARRcrete are specialists in concrete polishing with diamond abrasives, we have offered this service for 10 years. We also apply microcement overlays to floors and walls, we have offered this service for over 5 years.

We also provide a full floor preparation service. A polished concrete consultancy and inspection service.

What We Do Not Offer

We do not lay concrete slabs, screeds or install UFH heating. We can however point you in the right direction for concrete installers.