Norfolk: Microcement Floor

Lots Of Movement In This Rustic Looking Microcement Conservatory Floor Norfolk

This microcement overlay conservatory floor was part of a much larger project for a luxury countryside retreat. The brief was to have a unique clay like tone with plenty of movement in the surface. This required the floor to be laid very differently to a regular microcement floor. It was also very important to use …

Cardiff Wales: Polished Concrete Floor

Polished Concrete Floors Cardiff Wales Low Gloss

Polished Concrete Floor Cardiff Wales. This polished concrete floor was on the whole quite well laid but unfortunately there was some confusion between the installer and the builder where the installer insisted on applying a cure and seal product, which as you can see had a large amount of curing marks in the surface after …

Birmingham: Polished Concrete Floor

How we transformed this floor with polished concrete, smooth and hygenic

Polished Concrete Floor Alcester Birmingham. We recently completed this floor transformation for a luxury food supplier in Alcester near Birmingham. We removed the original epoxy coating which was poorly installed and had started to delaminate from the surface. After grinding away the surface with our dust free equipment we hardened the surface and polished through …

Devon: Polished Concrete Floor

Polished Concrete Floor Devon

Polished Concrete Floor Devon. This polished concrete floor in Devon was deceptively difficult to work with. Although really quite a small floor, there had been some issues during installation that affected not only the surface finishing but also the strength of the concrete.

Shropshire: Polished Concrete Floor

Polished Concrete Floor Newport

Polished Concrete Floor Newport Shropshire. This concrete floor was what we term as a ‘cream‘ polish because only the hardened surface cream of the concrete is polished. No grinding takes place as this removes the cream layer and begins to expose sand and stones.