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New polished concrete sample service launched

Often it is hard to visualise what a polished concrete floor looks like in the flesh, photos are fine and do give a fair representation of what you can expect. But nothing beats seeing a floor or a large sample in front of you.

We’re dropping Fein polishers and moving to Metabo Polishers

After suffering numerous failures with our range of Fein variable speed hand polishing tools, we’ve made the decision to move to Metabo. Why? From what we have seen so far, Metabo offer a better build quality, lovely smooth gearing for getting the best from our diamond abrasives and they are considerably less expensive than the …

Polished Concrete Flooring For Eco Housing


We are pleased to announce we are now contracted to carry out over 400m2 of polished concrete flooring for a couple of Eco build houses in the east of the country. As our concrete polishing system works dry we use hardly any water to achieve a fabulous gloss. This means we can recycle our dust …

Bespoke made concrete polishing machine

Carr Restoration New Concrete Polishing Machine

Having worked with leading manufacturers of concrete grinding and polishing machines for years, we have now made the decision to have our own machine bespoke designed and manufactured to our requirements. Why settle for less? There’s too many drawbacks with current designs, we need to break the mould.

Polished Concrete Floors Doncaster

LaFarge Polished Concrete Sample - 10564

LaFarge has kindly produced some concrete samples for us which we will grind and polish for our customer. This concrete polishing project in Doncaster is to be featured on Grand Designs later in the year.

Polished concrete stairs Norfolk

Polished Concrete Stair

Next week will be travelling down to Norfolk to grind and polish a couple of concrete steps which will eventually go into a spiral stair case of polished concrete steps.

Polished concrete hallway test patch

We are due to conduct a small test patch on a concrete floor in a tiny hallway. The aim is to have a high gloss polished concrete floor to bounce back light and give the impression of a larger more spacious area, maybe a little colour thrown in for effect. Pictures to follow when we …

Polished Concrete Floor Nottingham

Polished Concrete Floors Nottingham

Here we have a polished concrete floor in an extension to a home in Nottingham. The concrete was full of tamp marks throughout which made for a tiger stripe effect across which looked very effective. Admittedly the concrete mix was very soft which reduced the clarity of the reflection, ideally we like to work with …

Polished Concrete Stairs

Polished Concrete Stairs

This was an unusual project for us as we specialise in polishing floors, but the request was for polishing concrete stairs in a luxury property development. The stairs were very large and grand, but unfortunately suffered from a range of problems caused when pouring and placing the concrete in the timber moulds.