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Meet Up With Us In Cardiff

Dave Carr of CARRcrete Polished Concrete

We will be polishing concrete floors in Cardiff next week. So if you would like to meet up with our director Dave Carr in the evening, he would be more than happy to discuss your potential projects, InfinityFloor and/or our range of products.

CARRcrete PROtop Concrete Overlay Training Pour

Our new apprentice David had never laid a floor before joining us a few weeks back. Here we are throwing him in the deep end by giving him the task of laying our storage room floor (no pressure). As we mentioned, David had never laid a floor or used the tools in the video prior …

CARRcrete PROtop Concrete Overlay Topping Demo

Here is a quick demonstration of our CARRcrete PROtop concrete overlay topping. This short video shows how easy PROtop is to mix and install onto an existing primed substrate. We are using one of our showroom floor panels as an example.

Polished Concrete – The Professional Difference

When it comes to polished concrete flooring there are two main ways to achieve a polished look. You either polish the floor with diamond abrasives moving from coarse to very fine using up to 11 different grades of tool. This creates the uniformity and fineness of scratches which provides the gloss and clarity. This is …

Polished Concrete Commerical Garage Floor

Polished Concrete Commerical Garage Floor - 07

Here we have a test patch in a very busy commercial garage. The owners were looking for an alternative to the current painted floor that had degraded with the continual wear tear placed upon it. Resin flooring had been considered as an option but once we showed them exactly how hard and durable our polished …

Industrial Polished Concrete Floor

Industrial Polished Concrete Floor

Here are a few photos of a recent test patch we undertook in an industrial unit, please note we didn’t have time to fully clean the area, so the floor is technically unfinished and dirty. But I think you’ll get an idea of the potential from the photos.

Another Grand Designs Project


We are proud to announce that Carr Restoration Ltd have been selected to create another polished concrete floor for an A ‘list’ property development to be featured on Grand Designs next year. We really like this project as it combines curved corridors, opening living areas and lots of glass. The perfect surrounding for our diamond …

Polished Concrete Floor Featured on Grand Designs Thorne Doncaster

Polished Concrete Floor on Grand Designs

Here we have one of our recent concrete floor polishing projects which is being featured on Grand Designs 4th September. We dropped by to take a few photos before the crew start filming tomorrow and friday, quickly grabbing the photos before the floor was cleaned and staged, but I have to say the polished concrete …