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CARRcrete PROtop Concrete Overlay Training Pour

Our new apprentice David had never laid a floor before joining us a few weeks back. Here we are throwing him in the deep end by giving him the task of laying our storage room floor (no pressure). As we mentioned, David had never laid a floor or used the tools in the video prior …

New polished concrete sample service launched

Often it is hard to visualise what a polished concrete floor looks like in the flesh, photos are fine and do give a fair representation of what you can expect. But nothing beats seeing a floor or a large sample in front of you.

Mapei Ultratop Polishing

mapei ultratop

We are currently working on a series of sample boards for Mapei Ultratop flooring, polished in our own unique way. There is a need for us to do this as enquiries for the Mapei product are really high, with many seeing the topping as a genuine alternative to standard polished concrete. The aim is to …