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Concrete Floor Polishing

Next week will be first time our new bespoke built machine will be unleashed on a concrete floor and it has a tough task ahead of it. We will be turning a rough tamped finish over 200m2 into a nice satin finish. It will be some transformation and needs to be as it will be …

New polished concrete sample service launched

Often it is hard to visualise what a polished concrete floor looks like in the flesh, photos are fine and do give a fair representation of what you can expect. But nothing beats seeing a floor or a large sample in front of you.

Mapei Ultratop Polishing

mapei ultratop

We are currently working on a series of sample boards for Mapei Ultratop flooring, polished in our own unique way. There is a need for us to do this as enquiries for the Mapei product are really high, with many seeing the topping as a genuine alternative to standard polished concrete. The aim is to …