Devon: Polished Concrete Floor

Polished Concrete Floor Devon

Polished Concrete Floor Devon. This polished concrete floor in Devon was deceptively difficult to work with. Although really quite a small floor, there had been some issues during installation that affected not only the surface finishing but also the strength of the concrete.

Birmingham: Polished Concrete Floor

CARRcrete ECOfloor concrete polishing system

This polished concrete floor in Moseley Birmingham was a previously completed piece by a local competitor, unfortunately their lack of experience with their hired machinery and tooling left the floor in a highly porous, dull and largely unusable state.

Hampton London: Polished Concrete Floor

Polished Concrete Floor London - CARRcrete InfinityFloor

Polished Concrete Floor Hampton London. This is how not to lay a concrete floor for diamond polishing. We recently undertook this project in London where a builder had laid a concrete floor supposedly in line with our strict specification; unfortunately this was not the case. As you can see from the photographs, this concrete floor …