Birmingham: Polished Concrete Floor

How we transformed this floor with polished concrete, smooth and hygenic

Polished Concrete Floor Alcester Birmingham. We recently completed this floor transformation for a luxury food supplier in Alcester near Birmingham. We removed the original epoxy coating which was poorly installed and had started to delaminate from the surface. After grinding away the surface with our dust free equipment we hardened the surface and polished through …

Sheffield: Polished Concrete Factory Floor

CARRcrete IndustrialFloor Polished Concrete Flooring For Industrial Premises

We recently launched a polished concrete specification for industrial floors; CARRcrete IndustrialFloor which embraces the use of high quality diamond abrasives as used in CARRcrete InfinityFloor and ECOfloor but with a strong emphasis on creating a low maintenance high strength surface suitable for the high traffic and wear expected in an industrial setting.