Concrete Worktops And Benches

Here we have two polished concrete worktops we created for Tim Hubbard of 93ft, for a luxury hair salon at Sellers Wheel in Sheffield. The concrete work benches were designed to look both rustic and industrial with unfilled slightly honed sides and edges whilst having a very high gloss, high clarity reflective working surface.

Concrete Use For Work Surfaces Is Increasing

Concrete is now being used increasingly for strong, hard wearing surfaces on worktops, benches, tables and workstations. Being a medium that not only offers striking looks but also a high degree of practicality. Easy to clean and maintain and inherently hard wearing, concrete is a great material to work with.

Polished Concrete Worktops : Benches
A combination of rustic edges and highly polished surface

The concrete contained a very high concentration of local limestone bound by a standard grey fines matrix, using our swiss diamond technology we ground away the surface paste and polished through to a 3000 grit finish. Concrete is normally very porous and we tackled this problem with our standard two component sealing system which seals the concrete from the inside out.

Worktops and benches can be integrally coloured using a range of pigments, different aggregate types such as limestones, marbles, granites or glass may be placed within the mix to create a stunning and unique look to the concrete worksurface.

These concrete benches make for an excellent work station
These concrete benches make for an excellent work station

CARRcrete create concrete worksurfaces such as worktops and benches by either pouring own blend of engineered concrete called PROflow, or using your freshly poured concrete mix or by applying an overlay of our PROtop Loft micro concrete over an existing surface. We have a range of options to offer you for concrete surfaces.

**Special Note** Many thanks to the staff at Tamper Coffee, Sellers Wheel. Great coffee, great service every time!

Polished Concrete Worktops And Benches

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