Cream Finish Polished Concrete Floor Wisbech


We recently completed this polished concrete floor in Wisbech Cambridgeshire for a talented local architect who chose our CARRcrete InfinityFloor Cream finish above all others for this project. Our cream finish is quickly becoming an architects floor of choice.


It is incredibly important to have a very well laid flat and smooth concrete floor that has been cured correctly and power trowelled to create the swirls and clouds associated with the InfinityFloor Cream finish. Without these attributes the finish cannot be achieve as we do not undertake any grinding with this type of concrete flooring.


Polished Concrete Floor Cambridge
Polished Concrete Floor Cambridge


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To create the cream finish on this concrete floor in Wisbech Cambridge we initially cleaned down the floor removing dust and debris before starting our initial diamond processes. The initial stages use water as a lubricant for the diamonds to efficiently and gently smooth out the surface material without exposing any aggregates.


Polished Concrete Floor Wisbech
Polished Concrete Floor Wisbech


By applying our concentrated silicate densifier to the surface we hardened floor significantly, the densifier used also begins sealing the surface from the inside out creating a hard wearing, abrasion resistant layer that is easy to maintain, stylish and long lasting.


Concrete Polishing Wisbech Cambridge
Concrete Polishing Wisbech Cambridge


After the process of polishing the floor with both wet and dry diamond abrasives, cleaning and hardening with the silicate densifiers. This polished concrete floor Wisbech Cambridge had an impregnating sealer applied to the concrete surface. This type of sealer soaks into the surface to help resist staining, an impregnating sealer also helps achieve more low sheen finish on concrete flooring. Topical sealers tend to enhance the colour and increase the gloss of the concrete which is the opposite of what this client wished.


This concrete floor had a nice grey tone, the architect managed to find a local supplier who could provide a mix with a high cement content and a naturally grey tone to their supplied product.


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Dave Carr’s Thoughts On This Project

Dave Carr of CARRcrete Polished Concrete
Dave Carr
This was a nicely laid concrete floor which was professionally installed and power trowelled to flatten, smooth and create the cloudy texture the client requested. The mix and colour had been carefully researched by the client using a local concrete supplier with a slightly richer mix where more cement was used to increase the natural levels of grey in the surface.


Site Information

  • Mohs Hardness: 6
  • Schmidt Impact Hammer: 40 MPA C40
  • Power floated surface: Yes
  • Perimeter Joint: Yes
  • Porosity: Low
  • Colour: Grey
  • Installation Score: 6