Nottingham: Polished Concrete Kitchen Floor

Polished Concrete Kitchen Floor Nottingham. This polished concrete floor in a stunning area of Nottingham was part of a complete refurbishment of the kitchen area. We ground away the surface paste to expose the limestone and granite aggregate beneath and began polishing through to a high gloss, high clarity finish.

Polished Concrete Floor Elston Nottingham
We love how large this kitchen area looks now the concrete surface is fully polished and reflecting light

Polished Concrete Floor Used For A Kitchen

Concrete was chosen for this project due to concrete floors hard wearing, easy to clean, shine and smoothness characteristics associated with concrete polishing. The slab was laid over underfloor heating in a large kitchen which opened up into a conversatory. The open plan design and high gloss polished concrete surface would make a stunning canvas to put kitchen units.

Our Concrete Polishing Process

Beautiful aggregates showing through on this high gloss polished concrete flooring
Beautiful aggregates showing through on this high gloss polished concrete flooring

Unfortunately our camera cannot do justice to just how amazing this floor looks in the flesh.

Polished Concrete Surfaces Feel Great

This polished concrete floor Elston Nottingham offers a very tactile surface on which to walk, it feels smooth but not slippery. It can be cleaned very easily with a microfibre mop and a pH neutral detergent if necessary. Hard concrete flooring can also be repolished or maintained with diamond polishing pads.

We ground and polished this concrete floor a few years back and was one of the first InfinityFloor Gloss Stone projects. A stone finish is where we grind 2-3mm of surface material away to expose the larger aggregates and denser concrete beneath the laitance.

How this concrete floor in Nottingham looked before our concrete polishing process
How this concrete floor in Nottingham looked before our concrete polishing process

Dave Carr’s Thoughts On This Concrete Polishing Project

Dave Carr of CARRcrete Polished Concrete
Dave Carr
I remember this polished concrete floor very fondly as it was in a neighbouring village only a couple of miles away from my home. The concrete was laid well by a local contractor and pretty hard as it contained local Trent valley river gravel which is great to polish. There were a few shrinkage cracks in the slab but we managed to fill those nicely and they were not to visible.

We ground the floor very aggressively to expose the aggregates, honed the surface using our wet hybrid tools to remove any surface scratches. Then proceeded to polish the concrete surface through to a 3000 grit finish. Our kind of concrete polishing.

The Process Used

  1. Aggressive 16 grit metal bond diamond grind to reveal stones
  2. Wet honing to remove any surface scratches using hybrid diamonds
  3. Application of PROhard silicate densifier
  4. Polishing through to 3000 grit finish using resin bond diamond tools
  5. Application of impregnating solvent sealer

Site Information

  • Mohs Scratch Test: 5
  • Schmidt Impact Hammer: 35 MPA C35
  • Power Trowelled Surface: No
  • Cured Slab: Yes
  • Colour: Oatmeal
  • Porosity: Medium
  • Installation Score: 5

Polished Concrete Floor Elston Nottingham

Comments 5

  • Hi where can I get a quote for a polished concrete floor in Nottingham, I’d love this for my house. Sarah

  • I will shortly lay a concrete floor which will have a polished finish, can you advise on the process and cost for approx 25sq metres

  • Hello
    We have had a power floated floor installed using artissimo concrete from Bardon.
    Unfortunately they have left footprints on the concrete and the overall effect is not up to scratch.
    Would it be possible to polish this type of concrete and rectify the shoddy job?
    Best regards