Shropshire: Polished Concrete Floor

Polished Concrete Floor Newport Shropshire. This concrete floor was what we term as a ‘cream‘ polish because only the hardened surface cream of the concrete is polished. No grinding takes place as this removes the cream layer and begins to expose sand and stones.

CARRcrete InfinityFloor Cream

The most important part of getting a polished concrete cream finish is the initial installation of the concrete as it needs to be expertly laid, floated and power trowelled to flatten and smooth out the surface. Extra care should be taken around the edges to ensure the polish will continue edge to edge.

A cream polish concrete floor in Newport Shropshire
A cream polish concrete floor in Newport Shropshire

Whilst this floor was not a perfect floor for a cream finish, the majority of the power trowel work was carried out very well and allowed for a comfortable compromise between aspects of character and the contemporary polished cream finish.

Polished Concrete Floor Newport Shropshire
Polished Concrete Floor Newport Shropshire

Dave Carr’s Thoughts On This Cream Polish

Dave Carr of CARRcrete Polished Concrete
Dave Carr
We really enjoyed this project as it was really quite nicely laid and the concrete had a nice colour tone to it which we had never seen before. By using our wet fibre pads we were able to gently smooth down the concrete surface and hone out any minor imperfections without revealing too much sand. Our densifier really made an improvement to the surface hardness and filled many of the micro pores.

A nice blend of tone and texture on this polished concrete floor
A nice blend of tone and texture on this polished concrete floor

The Process Used

  1. Gentle honing of the surface with wet diamond fibre pads
  2. Application chemical densifier CARRcrete PROhard
  3. Final polishing of concrete using finer grit diamond fibre pads
  4. Application of CARRcrete PROguard sealer

Site Information

  • Mohs Scratch Reading: 5
  • Schmidt Impact Hammer: 35 MPA C35
  • Power Trowelled Surface: Yes
  • Slab Porosity: Medium
  • Cured Surface: Yes
  • Colour: Grey & Purple
  • Installation Score: 5


We would normally recommend using one of our CARRcrete PROtop Loft overlays to achieve this cloudy finish but where the end client is confident in their power floating skills, concrete can be used. Be sure to contact us for our concrete specification and guide to getting a nicely laid concrete floor.

Polished Concrete Floor Newport Shrophire