Cream Finish Polished Concrete Floor Leeds

Cream finish polished concrete floors are an ideal choice for both residential and commercial flooring. A concrete floor might seem a little dull or too industrial, but when it has been polished, it presents a beautiful shine that has a modern and captivating look.


This concrete flooring was perfect for this new cafe bar in Leeds


It’s a popular choice for both homes and businesses at the moment, especially as it offers a cost-effective way to install a beautiful, contemporary floor that stands out. These floors are also extremely practical and easy to look after. They aren’t as easy to damage and several other materials commonly used for flooring and are easy to keep clean on a daily basis too.


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The look of powerfloated concrete is all the rage at the moment
The look of powerfloated concrete is all the rage at the moment


CARRcrete recently completed a polished concrete floor in Leeds, near Roundhay Park. The job was for a new cafe bar due to open very soon, with the aim of providing a contemporary and easily-maintained floor. This is a CARRcrete InfinityFloor Gloss Cream finish, which is created by mechanically polishing the concrete surface with very fine diamond abrasives. The aim is smooth out the surface to create gloss and clarity but not reveal any sand or aggregates.


Polished Concrete Floor Leeds Roundhay Park
The reflective surface provides a nice level of additional light


The concrete floor on this project was already in place and installed by the general contractor to a very good standard. The surface was very smooth, and well power floated to sink the aggregate and harden the surface. This gave us a fantastic starting point and made our job easier. Installing the concrete flooring well is vital before it is finished because the finish can only do so much to improve the floor. It won’t correct any major problems, so the floor needs to be in great condition before it’s finished.

Chemical Hardening Of Concrete Surface Is Important

Concrete is already a tough material which is excellent for use in a variety of environments. It can also be improved to be even more durable, which we did for the floor in this Leeds cafe. Our process was to harden the surface even further with our PROhard nano lithium densifier and gently remove any minor surface irregularities with our PROshine diamond pads.


These in turn clean and polish the surface to generate a beautifully smooth and polished finish that is easy to maintain. It was an appropriate choice for this business, providing flooring that’s designed to stand up to the everyday stresses of commercial use, while still offering a professional and stylish look.


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The process only took two days, which allowed for plenty of time to clean away builders’ debris, diamond polish and chemically harden the surface. The finished surface was also protected with an invisible impregnating stain guard. The techniques we used on this polished concrete floor in Roundhay, Leeds created a safe, hard-wearing and easy to clean surface that was ideal for commercial premises.

These Concrete Floors Are Polished With Fine Diamonds

It is important to note that the CARRcrete InfinityFloor Cream finish works by smoothing out the surface with gentle abrasives and does not grind out or remove imperfections, so the floor needs to be perfectly laid and super smooth. Otherwise, the process simply doesn’t work. Fortunately, the floor had already been installed to a high standard, so we didn’t need to do too much to make it look good.


There were a few marks that had been left by equipment during the curing stages of the installation, but it was nothing our team couldn’t handle. The polishing process helped to make any marks much less noticeable, and what could still be seen simply added character to the flooring. The InfinityFloor Cream finish still helps to improve the overall look of the surface, so minor imperfections in the original installation don’t have to ruin the floor.

Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors for Homes and Businesses

Polished concrete floors are ideal for both residential properties and business premises. They offer an excellent range of benefits that are both practical and aesthetic, making them one of the top choices for modern interior design. If you’re thinking of having polished concrete floors in your home or for your business refurb, but you’re not quite sure if it’s the right choice, take a look at these top reasons to choose polished concrete floors over other options.

An Incredible Contemporary Look

One of the top reasons many people choose a polished concrete floor for their home or business is that they’re simply beautiful to look at. You might not expect something so simple and “back to basics” to look so good, especially if you associate concrete with brutalism and old office blocks. Concrete can look stunning, however, especially when it’s polished to give it a high shine. The high reflectivity is ideal if you want to create a bright space with a smart look.

A Choice of Styles

Don’t think that polished concrete floors all have to look the same. You still have a range of choices when it comes to style, from the colour of the concrete to the finish you choose to have. Our InfinityFloor system gives you a choice of three finishes: the Cream option seen in this Roundhay cafe, plus a Stone or Salt:Pepper finish.

An Affordable Way to Get High Style

Cost is always going to be a factor when you’re working on the interior of your home or business. As much as you would like to have an unlimited pot if cash, you need to consider your budget. If you want to have a contemporary look for your property, some of the options can be pretty pricey. Fortunately, polished concrete can help you save money and get the look you want.

Super Easy to Maintain

Different floor materials can come with all kinds of rules and complications about how you should or shouldn’t clean them. Some of them can stain so quickly if something is spilled on them that it’s not worth having them. Polished concrete offers a much more practical option, which is incredibly easy to look after.


Its stain-resistant properties make it ideal for businesses or busy households where spilled liquids or dropped food are likely occurrences. The surface is easily wiped clean too and only needs to be cleaned with a damp mop. Polished concrete doesn’t need waxes or coatings to keep it looking good, and it resists marks too.

Resistant to Allergens

Some types of flooring, such as carpet, can easily harbour dust and other allergens. This isn’t great news if anyone in your home has allergy or respiratory issues, or if you want to make your business a safe environment for everyone. You can easily sweep a concrete floor to keep it free of debris.

A Good Choice for High Foot Traffic

In your home, you’re unlikely to have lots of people walking around all the time. However, commercial spaces could have hundreds of people walking in and out all day. Concrete floors offer a durable material that can stand up to plenty of foot traffic, without wearing down easily. This helps to save both time and money because the whole floor won’t need to be refinished to maintain it and keep it looking beautiful.


Why Cream Finish Polished Concrete Worked for This Project

Of course, it’s easy to list the excellent reasons you should have polished concrete flooring for your home or business. But why was it a good choice for this project in particular, in a cafe in Leeds? Firstly, for a brand new cafe that’s aiming for a contemporary look, polished concrete is ideal. So many businesses are choosing polished concrete to help their premises look modern, bright and spacious.


As a cafe bar, the property will look great during the day and in the evening too, with both natural light from the large windows and the interior lighting reflecting off the polished surface. The overall contemporary look of the interior is perfect for a polished concrete floor.


The dark colour of the concrete has been made lighter and brighter by the reflective nature of the finish. It’s just what a relaxed and friendly space needs, giving it a slightly industrial feel, which is a hugely popular decor style at the moment. It works not just for businesses but for homes too. Although it’s excellent for contemporary interiors, it can even be used to create a more traditional, cosy feel.


A polished finish on their concrete floor was also a very practical choice. Installing the finish only took two days, which makes a huge difference when you’re trying to meet a deadline for opening a new business. The cafe also has a practical new floor that is easy to maintain, ideal for high foot traffic and for an environment where food and drink are present at all times. Polished concrete floors can also resist marks from tables and chairs being moved around.

Considering a Polished Concrete Floor for Your Home or Business?

If the beautiful results of this Leeds cafe have convinced you that a polished concrete floor might be right for your home or business, CARRcrete is happy to be the company that carries out the process for you. If you’re thinking of having a polished concrete floor like the one in these photos, or perhaps one of our other two InfinityFloor finishes, there are some things you might want to consider first. You need to have a concrete floor ready to go, which you may or may not have already installed.


If you have an existing rough concrete floor, a CARRcrete PROtop Loft overlay is an option to get the polished look you want. If you have yet to install your new floor, getting a professional concrete installer to do it is essential. We can provide specifications for how to lay your floor, and we will polish it off with a beautiful InfinityFloor Cream finish. Ensuring that you use a professional company like CARRcrete is vital if you want to get the best results.


Polished concrete is a cost-effective way to get a stunning floor, but you need to make sure you don’t pay too little for your concrete flooring. It’s important that you’re willing to pay for better quality if you want the best results. However, don’t worry about overspending, as CARRcrete can still provide you with a competitive quote.


The InfinityFloor Cream finish option is just one of the ways we can finish off a floor for your home or business. The polished concrete look could be used for your restaurant, bar or cafe, or perhaps your shop floor. In your home, it’s perfect for adding some light to an entrance way or hallway, kitchen, dining room or any other space you want to bring bang up to date.


The Cream finish will give your concrete floor a sophisticated look, with no stones showing and subtle swirling textures. And, depending on the concrete mix used on your floor, the results could give you a range of colours, so you’re not limited to any one look.
CARRcrete work on concrete floors all around the UK and into Europe as well. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience to bring to your project. Whether you want a polished concrete floor for your home or for your business, we are perfectly positioned to provide the service you need. Why take the chance with a less able competitor?


Contact CARRcrete for a free estimate today, and you could soon have an incredible new polished concrete floor with our InfinityFloor Cream finish or one of our other beautiful polish options.


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Dave Carr of CARRcrete Polished Concrete
Dave Carr
Dave Carr’s thoughts
Overall this polished concrete floor Leeds was a nicely installed with good levels and well power trowelled as you would expect from a professional install. Admittedly there were some curing marks where different sheets and objects had been left on the surface during the initial curing stages, but once polished this marks became very characterful and barely noticeable.


Site Information

  • Mohs Hardness: 6
  • Schmidt Impact Hammer: 40 MPA C40
  • Power floated Surface: Yes
  • Cured Surface: Yes
  • Porosity: Low
  • Colour: Mid Grey
  • Installation Score: 6