Polished Concrete Floor Kidderminster

A series of polished concrete floors in Kidderminster which take advantage of both existing and new floor areas which are fully insulated with underfloor heating, concrete poured directly onto the piping.

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As you can see the premium quality of our polishing technique really opens up and enhances what promises to be a beautiful home.

Our Concrete Polishing Process

We ground and polished these concrete floors using only the finest quality diamond abrasives to create the high gloss, high clarity finish that others struggle to achieve.

The concrete was laid by B&C Concrete Flooring, ground and polished by ourselves.

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  • Hi Dave, the floor looks expertly laid by professionals to get that grade of flatness for you to polish,the only guys I know who could get it like that is B and C Concrete from nottingham was it laid by them..?..:)