Glasgow: Polished Concrete Floor

We made the trip to Glasgow recently to create a polished concrete floor Scotland from a dirty grey substrate that had previously been covered with carpet tiles to a polished concrete floor to the CARRcrete InfinityFloor Satin Salt:Pepper specification.

Concrete floor in a retail unit in Glasgow Scotland
This is how the concrete floor in the retail unit looked before our work

The retail unit was to be used a showroom for quality handmade kitchen furniture, the polished concrete floor would provide the perfect canvas for such a venture. Although the floor was very badly cracked, the cracks were left un-filled at the clients request to add more character to the floor and as you’ll see they do not look out of place.

Polished Concrete Floor Glasgow | CARRcrete InfinityFloor
How the concrete surface looked after we polished it with our diamond tools

We ground the concrete surface using our premium metal bond tools, ceramic diamond abrasives and polished through to a 400 grit resin diamond finish before sealing with our water based impregnating sealer CARRcrete PROseal.

High Gloss Concrete Flooring Glasgow
Polished Concrete Floor Glasgow | CARRcrete InfinityFloor

It is always important to choose a polished concrete professional when you need a contractor to transform your floor. Unfortunately the industry is now being flooded with untrained tradesmen who have no more training than a two day course and maybe a test patch. If you take a look at our concrete floor portfolio you will see we have years of experience and not only polish concrete floors but also design the tools, concrete overlays and chemicals.

In order to get the concrete surface to shine like this we needed to remove all the minute scratches and scuffs from the surface with our diamond abrasives which refine the concrete to reflect light, opposed to absorbing light. Concrete is becoming ever more popular for commercial projects as the surface is low maintenance and very hard wearing and low slip.

Polished Concrete Floor Scotland