Stone Finish Polished Concrete Floor Devon

This polished concrete floor in Devon was deceptively difficult to work with. Although really quite a small floor, there had been some issues during installation that affected not only the surface finishing but also the strength of the concrete.


From what we could determine, more water had been added to the mix during the course of the installation thus the concrete at the start point was much harder and compact than the later stages of concrete. As you can imagine this made not only tool selection a challenge but also forced us to over-fill the surface with our grouting product. But as you will see from the photos, these were no ordinary set of holes to fill; more like craters.


Polished Concrete Floor In Devon - Exposed Aggregate Now Showing After Polishing
Look at all that beautiful aggregate on show now the surface paste has been ground away from the concrete surface


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Polished Concrete Floor Devon

Through lots of additional work, additional chemicals and grout products, we think the transformation from rough concrete through to missing holes and craters until ending up with a smooth satin finish is quite an accomplishment.


Concrete Floor In Devon Before Polishing
Concrete Floor In Devon Before Polishing


Our Concrete Polishing Process

Concrete Floor Devon Before Grinding Flat
Heavy trowel marks show the concrete slab has not been installed correctly


We would always recommend that concrete floors for polishing are professionally laid in accordance with our specification and cured correctly. By following our specification you will achieve a far superior floor finish that will last years and keep your polishing costs in line with our quotation.


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Polished Concrete Floor Devon
Polished Concrete Floor Devon


Dave Carr’s Thoughts On This Concrete Flooring

Dave Carr of CARRcrete Polished Concrete
Dave Carr
A beautiful part of the world set in the lovely small town of Torcross where they staged the mock D-Day landings many years before, and home of some pretty good fish and chips. The concrete floor surface needed a great deal of grinding to remove many of the installation errors before polishing could even be thought of. It is always best to use a professional company to install a concrete slab. Many of the defects with this slab could have easily been avoided. Overall the finish looked good with some beautiful stone showing through from local quarries.


The Process Used On This Polished Concrete Project

  1. Extremely coarse grinding with metal bond diamonds
  2. Honing and scratch removal using our wet hybrid transition pads
  3. Filling of holes using PROgrout
  4. Chemical hardening with our silicate densifier PROhard
  5. Diamond polishing using resin bonded diamonds
  6. Sealing with PROguard


Site Information

  • Mohs Scratch: 3
  • Schmidt Impact Hammer: 25 MPA C25
  • Power trowelled surface: No
  • Cured Slab: No
  • Porosity: High
  • Colour: Pink
  • Installation Score: 3



Always follow our concrete specification and use a professional concrete installer who has the experience and tools required to achieve the desired finish.


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