Birmingham: Polished Concrete Floor

This polished concrete floor in Moseley Birmingham was a previously completed piece by a local competitor, unfortunately their lack of experience with their hired machinery and tooling left the floor in a highly porous, dull and largely unusable state.

An unpolished concrete floor in Moseley Birmingham
This is how the local competition left this concrete floor looking in Birmingham

Hard Wearing Concrete Flooring In Birmingham

The client had almost given up on the floor and contracted us to clean up the floor with diamond fibre pads and reseal, but we knew we could offer something better than a clean up. So we provided a CARRcrete ECOfloor finish for them, which offers a far superior finish, hard wearing and easy to maintain.

Polished Concrete Flooring In Moseley Birmingham
This is CARRcrete transformed this concrete flooring

Birmingham Concrete Floor Is Low Maintenance

First we removed all the ingrained staining by abrading away the surface with our ceramic diamond pads, densified thoroughly and coated the whole floor with our CARRcrete PROgrout aeration hole filler. Once removed this effectively filled all the pits and missing stones in the floor, leaving the surface smooth. Further diamond polishing pads were used to hone the concrete surface further before applied multiple thin coats of our CARRcrete PROguard topical sealer.

CARRcrete ECOfloor concrete polishing system
This is our economical polished concrete finish – ECOfloor

As you can see, we have radically improved the look of this existing polished concrete floor in Birmingham looked stunning with our ECOfloor system.

Polished Concrete Floors Birmingham