Stone Finish Chelmsford Essex

polished concrete floor Chelmsford Essex

This concrete floor in Chelmsford Essex had been very poorly laid, very uneven with large depressions and gouges forcing us to grind away large amounts of the concrete before we could start our polishing process.

Concrete Worktops And Benches

Polished Concrete Worktops : Benches

Here we have two polished concrete worktops we created for Tim Hubbard of 93ft, for a luxury hair salon at Sellers Wheel in Sheffield. The concrete work benches were designed to look both rustic and industrial with unfilled slightly honed sides and edges whilst having a very high gloss, high clarity reflective working surface.

Surface Preparation Northampton

Surface Preparation Northampton

We were called into the Ricoh headquarters in Northampton to remove tile adhesive from 200 m2 of reception area and leave a surface suitable for laying tiles to. Previous contractors and their surface preparation methods had been stopped in their tracks due to the amount of dust they were creating. Plus their process was very …