Salt Pepper Kidderminster

Polished Concrete Floor Kidderminster

A series of polished concrete floors in Kidderminster which take advantage of both existing and new floor areas which are fully insulated with underfloor heating, concrete poured directly onto the piping.

Stone Finish Flitwick Bedfordshire

Polished Concrete Floor Flitwick Bedfordshire

Here we have ground and polished a whole floor plan in a bungalow to create a smooth, easy to maintain and classy looking floor. Polished concrete floors when correctly processed improve with age, our unique densifiers harden and seal the concrete slab from the inside out to create a non-porous, rock hard surface. We further …

Stone Finish Letchworth

Here we have a polished concrete floor used as the floor to a living room. The floor was ground down to reveal the local aggregate used in the concrete mix and polished through a subtle satin finish. We used our proprietary concrete hardeners and sealers to add protection to the surface.