Stone Finish Epping Essex

Polished Concrete Floor Epping Essex

This floor was originally specified to receive our InfinityFloor Matt Stone finish which requires 2-3mm of surface material removing. But upon inspection it was very evident that the floor had not been installed to a our supplied specification

Salt Pepper Finish Sidcup Kent

Polished Concrete Floor Sidcup Kent

This floor was originally booked in for an InfinityFloor Gloss Cream finish but unfortunately the concrete contractors failed to adhere to the supplied specification. As an alternative, the customer opted for a gentle grind and polish to our InfinityFloor Salt:Pepper standard which removes 1mm of surface material expose smaller stones and larger sand particels to …

Cream Finish Leeds

Polished Concrete Floor Leeds

CARRcrete PROtop Concrete Micro Topping Overlay Leeds. A stunning polished concrete floor in Leeds which uses our own specialist concrete micro topping overlay PROtop. The floor boasts a very unique look with striations of colour, random tones and ribbons of palette shades, polished to an 800 grit low gloss finish.

Salt Pepper Finish Ipswich Suffolk

Polished Concrete Floor Ipswich Suffolk - CARRcrete InfinityFloor Gloss Salt:Pepper

We were recently contracted to rescue this polished concrete floor in Ipswich Suffolk, though the term polished isn’t really accurate, scratched would be more appropriate here.

Concrete Stairs Hove

Polished Concrete Stairs Hove

These concrete stairs were an integral part of a premium property development in Hove. Poured and cast by the homeowner and builder using our unique CARRcrete cement and local aggregates.