Norfolk: Microcement Floor

This microcement overlay conservatory floor was part of a much larger project for a luxury countryside retreat. The brief was to have a unique clay like tone with plenty of movement in the surface. This required the floor to be laid very differently to a regular microcement floor. It was also very important to use a product that was as ECO friendly as possible; our CARRcrete PROtop Loft was the perfect microcement product for this application.

From Worn Concrete Surface To Stylish Microcement

As you can see the original conservatory floor has deteriorated badly and become heavily stained. The original installers had applied a surface coating that was near impossible to maintain. As this is a very popular venue it was important to work within a strict time frame. Preparation, installation and sealing all needed to be completed ready for clients with a quick turnaround.

The Old Concrete Surface Had Deterioated Before Our Microcement
The Old Concrete Surface Had Deterioated Before Our Microcement
Here We Are Grinding Off The Old Sealer Ready For Our Microcement
Here We Are Grinding Off The Old Sealer Ready For Our Microcement

The ECO Friendly Microcement

CARRcrete PROtop Loft is an incredibly ECO friendly microcement product as it uses recycled media where possible. Loft has a very low water content and an ultra advanced cement binder that produces much less CO2 during manufacture. Loft also hardens very quickly allowing for a much more rapid return to service.

Work In Progress Microcement Conservatory Floor Norfolk
Work In Progress Microcement Conservatory Floor Norfolk

Before we applied our microcement overlay, we prepared the surface by grinding with very coarse diamond abrasives. Then we applied a premium primer to reduce the porosity of the concrete. The CARRcrete PROtop Loft was then applied in multiple thin coats with lots of trowel movement to create the unique texture required by the clients. Once the final coat of microcement was sanded smooth we applied our unique ECO friendly laminated sealer to the surface. Our sealer helps protect the floor from abrasion, increases stain resistance and allows for easier maintenance.
Rustic Looking Microcement Conservatory Floor Norfolk
Rustic Looking Microcement Conservatory Floor Norfolk

The Process Of Applying Our Microcement Overlay

  1. Grind surface to remove existing sealers and contaminants
  2. Prime exposed surface to reduce porosity
  3. Apply 1-2 coats of PROtop Loft base coat
  4. Sand base coat once hard and prime
  5. Apply 1 coat of PROtop Loft medium coat
  6. Sand medium coat once hard and prime
  7. Apply 1 coat of PROtop Loft fine coat
  8. Sand fine coat once hard
  9. Apply CARRcrete sealer

What Are The Benefits Of Using PROtop Loft Microcement?

Microcements such as our PROtop Loft are a great alternative for those situations where there is an existing floor. Maybe the current concrete surface cannot be polished or a different colour and texture is required. Using a microcement allows you to create the InfinityFloor Cream finish. Because PROtop Loft is only 2-3mm in thickness, it is possible to apply our product without lifting the floor height too much.

Dave Carr’s On This Project

Dave Carr of CARRcrete Polished Concrete
Dave Carr
We had a lot of fun laying this concrete overlay, it really was a great environment in which to work. Aside from dealing with the high temperatures inside the conservatory, the project was a joy. The combination of our awesome hybrid silicate densifier and our urethane enhanced sealer make this a hard wearing micro concrete overlay.

Site Information

  • Mohs Hardness: 6
  • Schmidt Impact Hammer: 40 MPA C40
  • Power floated surface: Yes
  • Perimeter Joint: Yes
  • Porosity: Low
  • Colour: Orange and Tan
  • Installation Score: 6

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Microcement Conservatory Floor Norfolk