Microcement Cream Finish London

This Microcement Floor in London is a CARRcrete InfinityFloor Cream floor was created using our own trowelled microcement overlay. The floor was designed to look like a subtle powerfloated concrete floor, with low levels of variegation and as little sheen as possible.

Microcement Floors Are Applied In Multiple Thin Coats

Using CARRcrete PROtop Loft to create the look with multiple very thin coats of product, hand trowelled in different directions to give the impression of the power trowel movement. Our microcement is a very rapid hardening cementitious product that yields an impressive compressive strength and a great deal of flexibility. The perfect product for applications which require a concrete like surface in just 3mm of thickness.

A Polished Concrete Floor In Just 3mm Thickness

Microcement Floor London
CARRcrete Concrete Overlay Microcement London

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A beautiful contemporary concrete floor with sublte tones
A beautiful contemporary concrete floor with sublte tones

The ECO Friendly Concrete Flooring

CARRscrete PROtop Loft Microscreed London
CARRcrete PROtop Loft Microscreed London

For creating the power trowelled concrete floor look we always recommend the use of CARRcrete PROtop Loft Microcement as this product offers a far superior finish, sets much harder than the competiton and a greater range of colour and textures.

Loft was designed and formulated by Dave Carr of CARRcrete for applying over solid, rigid surfaces such as screeds, worn concrete, tiles and dimensionally stable furniture. PROtop Loft has a formulation which is far more advanced and more eco friendly than any competing product. Loft resists cracking, is a highly flexible microcement concrete overlay and comes in a wide range of colours.

By using different pigment ratios, trowel pressures and various application techniques our microcement products provide a wide range of styles to suit any interior. The benefit to using a concrete overlay product such as a microcement is that it can be applied over existing floors without raising the floor height more than 2-3mm and can applied around obstacles such as kitchen cabinets. This thin build overlays are also highly suitable for applying over underfloor heating and of a nice easy to clean surface that not only looks incredibly stylish but also highly practical.

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