Salt Pepper Finish Polished Concrete Floor Jamies Italian Newcastle

You may have visited Jamies Italian in Newcastle city centre and noticed the awesome concrete floor where the diners sit. This was a concrete floor polishing project we completed a few years back for DeBoulay Contracts.

As the majority of the trades working on the project needed access to the floor space during the day, we opted to work through the night so that we had unrestricted access to the concrete. There’s nothing worse than getting dust and debris beneath your grinding tools and potentially ruining the floor surface. So rather than potentially cause any damage or complications to our polishing process we took the short straw and worked through the night.

Jamies Italian - Polished Concrete Floor

The design brief called for a fine exposure of aggregate in the concrete floor surface. The required approximately 2mm of surface material to ground away with the use of our large concrete grinding machinery. By connecting high power dust extractors to the grinding machinery we were able to safely remove this material without any airborne dust and as a result caused zero damage to any of the interior finishes and decor.

By removing the surface of the concrete you were free to see the local aggregates shining through. This created a stylish yet rustic feel and the perfect canvas for the dining area which now has cool wooden furniture in place.

Jamies Italian - Polished Concrete Floor

<h3>How We Polished Jamies Italian Concrete Floor</h3>

Our initial tool choice was quite an aggressive metal bond tool that removed the surface material efficiently. This tool left the surface with an exposed aggregate look as required by the design brief. As this was the first tool in the process the surface was naturally covered in millions of large spiralled scratches from these aggressive tools.

The next task was to remove these deep scratches, otherwise the floor at Jamies Italian Newcastle would have looked terrible. We then progressed to a finer grade of metal tool which refined the grinding scratches to ones barely noticeable to the human eye. But even though these scratches are tiny, they can still trap dirt. Which is not great for a restaurant floor.

So we refined the concrete surface further still with our diamond abrasive tools so that only microscopic  tool marks were present. We applied a high quality silicate densifier to the surface which soaks into the concrete crust and hardens from the inside out.

Photos courtesy of Sandra Tang.

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