Amersham: Floor Preparation

Floor Preparation Amersham Buckinghamshire. We were recently called in to remove layer upon layer of two pack epoxy paint, non slip flooring, carpet tiles and adhesive residue from the floor of a commercial unit for a prestigious print supplier.

The concrete floor as it was, was not particularly safe for pedestrian and fork lift access having a uneven and neglected finish that need to be removed ready for repainting.

How This Concrete Floor Looked Before We Ground Away The Surface
How This Concrete Floor Looked Before We Ground Away The Surface

We use machinery and diamond abrasive technology that we have designed to safely and effectively remove surface contaminants and coatings without releasing airborne dust.

Dust Free Concrete Floor Grinding And Paint Removal

We can offer you a professional surface prep service that leaves the surface smoother than shot blasting or scarifying; yet as equally effective.

Floor Preparation Amersham Buckinghamshire

Rapid Turnaround Of Grinding Projects

The key to good surface preparation is to be able to grind away paint, adhesives and coatings without polluting the air with dust and to be able to turn around the project within the specified time scales. CARRcrete have numerous machines that we can field on jobs to ensure the highest levels of surface preparation productivity.

Surface Preparation Amersham