Salt Pepper Finish Corwen Wales

Polished Concrete Floor Corwen Wales. Here we have a fabulous project in Wales where the owners are converting an old cottage which hasn’t been lived in for years into a luxury modern energy efficient home overlooking the beautiful Welsh valley surrounding it.

The concrete floors we worked on were originally laid with a view to being a polished cream look and thoroughly power floated to try and achieve this finish. Unfortunately the power float work was not really up to scratch and there was a need to grind away some of the material to flatten and smooth out the surface.

Polished Concrete Floor Corwen Wales
Concrete offers a truly unique look to your home

This is why the CARRcrete InfinityFloor Salt:Pepper specification was chosen to gently grind away to a depth of around 1mm. The grinding action revealed a mixture of fine sands through to large stones dependant on the depth of the aggregate within the concrete matrix.

Our Concrete Polishing Process

CARRcrete InfinityFloor In Corwen Wales
The honed surface of the floor will fit perfectly with the stone walled cottage exterior

We processed the floor with premium diamond abrasives through various grades to close up and generate a smooth light reflective surface which was further sealed with our satin sheen PROguard product. PROguard works in combination with the applied silicate densifier to add extra protection to the concrete surface.

Salt and pepper concrete floor
Our satin level of gloss is our popular finish