Sheffield: Polished Concrete Factory Floor

We recently launched a polished concrete specification for industrial floors; CARRcrete IndustrialFloor which embraces the use of high quality diamond abrasives as used in CARRcrete InfinityFloor and ECOfloor but with a strong emphasis on creating a low maintenance high strength surface suitable for the high traffic and wear expected in an industrial setting.

CARRcrete IndustrialFloor is produced using diamond abrasives to cut away surface coatings and contaminants, smoothing out the surface to produce a hard wearing, low maintenance floor that naturally reflects light. By processing the concrete floor with diamond tools we are free to offer a finish in matt, satin or gloss finishes.

CARRcrete IndustrialFloor Polished Concrete Flooring For Industrial Premises
CARRcrete IndustrialFloor Polished Concrete Flooring For Industrial Premises

The use of a high quality rapid reacting silicate densifier effectively hardens the surface by converting free lime (calcium hydroxide) into the much harder and useful material CSH (calcium silicate hydrate). Over time our silicate densifier also produces a silicate layer within the crust of the concrete, reducing porosity and greatly increasing abrasion resistance.

We also offer an optional polymer enhanced sealer for applications needing greater chemical resistance.

CARRcrete recently completed a time sensitive project of 750m2 for a top R&D firm. Delays were not an option and where other contractors had balked at the amount of edging and detail work required we took this requirement within our stride; our machines get far closer to any edge than the more common brands on the market.

A couple of contractors had previously turned their backs on the project due to the floors being covered with many layers of paint and epoxy coatings; light work was made of said coatings by grinding them cleanly away with our standard tooling: no need for PCD’s with our machines!

With multiple large four head concrete grinders and smaller detail machines for edging, the project commenced very smoothly, safely and completed well within the specified time.

Like all larger projects, CARRcrete produced a complementary test patch and in turn were awarded the contract based on quality and professionalism; not on price. We don’t do cut price work, only quality work.