Portfolio of Polished Concrete

Concrete Polishing Wisbech Cambridge

Polished Concrete Floor Wisbech

Polished Concrete Floor Wisbech. We recently completed this polished concrete floor in Wisbech Cambridgeshire for a talented local architect who chose our CARRcrete InfinityFloor Cream finish above all others for this project. Our cream finish is quickly becoming an architects floor of choice.

Lots Of Movement In This Rustic Looking Microcement Conservatory Floor Norfolk

Norfolk: Microcement Floor

This microcement overlay conservatory floor was part of a much larger project for a luxury countryside retreat. The brief was to have a unique clay like tone with plenty of movement in the surface. This required the floor to be laid very differently to a regular microcement floor. It was also very important to use …

Polished Concrete Floors Cardiff Wales Low Gloss

Polished Concrete Floor Cardiff

Polished Concrete Floor Cardiff. This polished concrete floor was on the whole quite well laid but unfortunately there was some confusion between the installer and the builder where the installer insisted on applying a cure and seal product, which as you can see had a large amount of curing marks in the surface after the …

How we transformed this floor with polished concrete, smooth and hygenic

Birmingham: Polished Concrete Floor

Polished Concrete Floor Alcester Birmingham. We recently completed this floor transformation for a luxury food supplier in Alcester near Birmingham. We removed the original epoxy coating which was poorly installed and had started to delaminate from the surface. After grinding away the surface with our dust free equipment we hardened the surface and polished through …

Polished Concrete Floor Devon

Devon: Polished Concrete Floor

Polished Concrete Floor Devon. This polished concrete floor in Devon was deceptively difficult to work with. Although really quite a small floor, there had been some issues during installation that affected not only the surface finishing but also the strength of the concrete.

Polished Concrete Floor Newport

Shropshire: Polished Concrete Floor

Polished Concrete Floor Newport Shropshire. This concrete floor was what we term as a ‘cream‘ polish because only the hardened surface cream of the concrete is polished. No grinding takes place as this removes the cream layer and begins to expose sand and stones.

Microcement Floor Yorkshire

Yorkshire: Microcement Floor

Microcement Floor Yorkshire. We recently completed this microcement floor using our CARRcrete PROtop Loft overlay product, which we formulated and manufactured in the UK. As you will see from the photographs microcement floors using PROtop Loft look absolutely stunning. The subtle shadows and swirls created by the application of multiple thin coats generate a unique …

Microcement floor derby

Derby: Concrete Overlay Floor

This concrete overlay floor in Derby was created using CARRcrete PROtop Loft over an existing sand:cement screed, adding just 3mm to the original surface height. We used our own micro concrete product which we manufacture here in the UK called CARRcrete PROtop Loft

Polished Concrete Floor Herefordshire

Herefordshire: Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete Floor Herefordshire. This concrete floor in Herefordshire was a really interesting but unusual project as the floor was in what used to be an old Georgian corn mill. Our clients are now converting this space into their office area. As you’ll see it really is a unique area.

Microcement Floor London

London: Microcement Floor

Microcement Floor London as a CARRcrete InfinityFloor Cream floor was created using our own trowelled microcement overlay. Our microcement flooring in London was designed to look like a subtle powerfloated concrete floor, with low levels of variegation and as little sheen as possible.

Floor Preparation Amersham

Amersham: Floor Preparation

Floor Preparation Amersham Buckinghamshire. We were recently called in to remove layer upon layer of two pack epoxy paint, non slip flooring, carpet tiles and adhesive residue from the floor of a commercial unit for a prestigious print supplier.

Polished Concrete Floor Exeter

Leeds: Polished Concrete Floor

Here we have a polished concrete floor Leeds near Roundhay Park for a new cafe bar due to open very soon. This is a CARRcrete InfinityFloor Gloss Cream finish created by mechanically polishing the concrete surface with very fine diamond abrasives to smooth our the surface to create gloss and clarity but not reveal any …

Polished Concrete Floor Yorkshire

Yorkshire: Polished Concrete Floors

Polished Concrete Floors Yorkshire. Here we have a fabulous CARRcrete InfinityFloor Gloss Cream floor, created by using our premium diamond polishing abrasives over a very well laid concrete floor. This concrete floor had been well power floated to smooth and consolidated surface, the motion of the power trowel produced some beautiful tones and movement within …

Polished Concrete Floor Glasgow | CARRcrete InfinityFloor

Glasgow: Polished Concrete Floor

We made the trip to Glasgow recently to create a polished concrete floor Scotland from a dirty grey substrate that had previously been covered with carpet tiles to a polished concrete floor to the CARRcrete InfinityFloor Satin Salt:Pepper specification.

CARRcrete ECOfloor concrete polishing system

Birmingham: Polished Concrete Floor

This polished concrete floor in Moseley Birmingham was a previously completed piece by a local competitor, unfortunately their lack of experience with their hired machinery and tooling left the floor in a highly porous, dull and largely unusable state.

CARRcrete InfinityFloor Satin Salt:Pepper - Polished Concrete Floor Reading

Reading: Polished Concrete Floor

This concrete floor we polished in Reading was a great project to work on. Not only because the floor was really well laid, nicely power trowelled and flat; but also because we had a great deal of client involvement.

Polished Concrete Floor Lincoln

Lincoln: Polished Concrete Floor

Polished Concrete Floor Lincoln. With great clients, good power, access and being relatively local this was a nice polished concrete floor project to work on in Lincoln. The concrete substrate had been laid and power trowelled a few months earlier and left to cure. Overall the installation of the concrete was pretty well done, although …

Polished Concrete Floor Yorkshire - CARRcrete InfinityFloor

Yorkshire: Polished Concrete Floor

Polished Concrete Floor Yorkshire. Re-ground and polished by CARRcrete using our Jack counter rotating machines to upgrade the floor to an InfinityFloor Specification. The majority of the floor was located in a basement which explains the poor photograph and video quality.

Polished Concrete Floor London - CARRcrete InfinityFloor

Hampton London: Polished Concrete Floor

Polished Concrete Floor Hampton London. This is how not to lay a concrete floor for diamond polishing. We recently undertook this project in London where a builder had laid a concrete floor supposedly in line with our strict specification; unfortunately this was not the case. As you can see from the photographs, this concrete floor …

Free Test Patches For Polished Concrete

Leyland Lancashire: Polished Concrete Factory Floor

Here is the first part of a large ongoing contract with have a blue chip company. We were selected above others to transform an area of a 40 year old factory floor made up of multiple concrete slabs. We were chosen for our professional integrity, health and safety awareness and of course the finish we …

CARRcrete IndustrialFloor Polished Concrete Flooring For Industrial Premises

Sheffield: Polished Concrete Factory Floor

We recently launched a polished concrete specification for industrial floors; CARRcrete IndustrialFloor which embraces the use of high quality diamond abrasives as used in CARRcrete InfinityFloor and ECOfloor but with a strong emphasis on creating a low maintenance high strength surface suitable for the high traffic and wear expected in an industrial setting.

CARRcrete InfinityFloor satin Salt Pepper Polished Concrete Floor Wales

Corwen Wales: Polished Concrete Floor

Polished Concrete Floor Corwen Wales. Here we have a fabulous project in Wales where the owners are converting an old cottage which hasn’t been lived in for years into a luxury modern energy efficient home overlooking the beautiful Welsh valley surrounding it.

CARRcrete InfinityFloor Gloss Cream Polished Concrete Floor Anglesey Wales

Anglesey Wales: Polished Concrete Floor

Polished cream concrete floors are all the rage at the moment, and our CARRcrete InfinityFloor standard really does make these characterful floors pop with clarity by gentle smoothing out the surface by abrading away microns of material. The downside to this gentle technique is that these creamy concrete floors need to be expertly laid to …

4mm Ground off this concrete floor

Bristol: Concrete Floor Preparation

Here’s a concrete floor in Bristol we have prepared ready for a vinyl floor overlay. The floor was originally laid with the aspirations of being a polished concrete floor, unfortunately for the previous concrete polishing contractor, the installers had done a particularly bad job of laying the slab.

The same floor ground and polished

Blackburn Lancashire: Polished Concrete Floor

Here we have a CARRcrete PROtop concrete overlay installation that has gone wrong, laid and mixed by the clients contractors and as can be seen, this is not how to install any concrete overlay, let alone my beloved PROtop. Not only was the floor full of lips, overlaps and bulges but also innumerable tiny air …

Polished Concrete Floor Stroud Cotswolds

Stroud Cotswolds: Polished Concrete Floor

We were recently called in to rework one of our competitors concrete floors as the client was dissatisfied with the finish and service they received. At the initial site survey we found our competitors finish to be poorly polished and full (read covered) in bug holes that had been left unfilled. Although the floor was …

Polished Concrete Floor - CARRcrete InfinityFloor

Brentwood Essex: Polished Concrete Kitchen Floor

A beautiful polished concrete kitchen floor in Brentwood Essex, ground and polished to the CARRcrete InfinityFloor gloss stone specification. By removing 2-3mm from the slab surface we exposed some stunning aggregate consisting of flint and river gravel.


Polished Concrete Floor Oxfordshire

This Oxfordshire concrete floor was recently laid by two brothers with only one previous floor under their belt, by following the InfinityFloor specification their own planning, skill and determination they laid a brilliant floor to polish. Nice and flat, smooth with just the right amount of power float to bring the mix together. They naturally …

Polished Concrete Floor Swinscoe Derbyshire

Polished Concrete Floor Swinscoe Derbyshire

CARRcrete InfinityFloor Matt Stone polished concrete floor in Swinscoe Derbyshire. This floor was to be used as a woodworking shop and needed a no nonsense floor finish.

Polished Concrete Floor West Bridgford Nottingham

Polished Concrete Floor West Bridgford Nottingham

This concrete floor in West Bridgford Nottingham was polished to our InfinityFloor Matt Salt:Pepper specification where we grind away 1mm of the surface material to expose small stones and larger sands.

CARRcrete PROtop Polished Concrete Floor Hitchin Hertfordshire

Polished Concrete Floor Hitchin

This is the completed floor after we ground away our competitors concrete topping and replaced it with our CARRcrete PROtop pourable concrete overlay at 5mm thickness.

Concrete Overlay Surface Preparation

Concrete Overlay Surface Preparation Hertford

We were given a call to remove an incorrectly installed concrete overlay. The customer was unhappy with the concrete overlay produced by one of our competitors and asked us to remove the product in preparation for our superior CARRcrete PROtop concrete overlay.

Polished Concrete Floor Epping Essex

Polished Concrete Floor Epping Essex

This floor was originally specified to receive our InfinityFloor Matt Stone finish which requires 2-3mm of surface material removing. But upon inspection it was very evident that the floor had not been installed to a our supplied specification

Polished Concrete Floor Sidcup Kent

Polished Concrete Floor Sidcup Kent

This floor was originally booked in for an InfinityFloor Gloss Cream finish but unfortunately the concrete contractors failed to adhere to the supplied specification. As an alternative, the customer opted for a gentle grind and polish to our InfinityFloor Salt:Pepper standard which removes 1mm of surface material expose smaller stones and larger sand particels to …

Polished Concrete Floor Leeds

Polished Concrete Floor Leeds

CARRcrete PROtop Concrete Micro Topping Overlay Leeds. A stunning polished concrete floor in Leeds which uses our own specialist concrete micro topping overlay PROtop. The floor boasts a very unique look with striations of colour, random tones and ribbons of palette shades, polished to an 800 grit low gloss finish.

CARRcrete InfinityFloor Satin Cream - Polished Concrete Floor

Polished Concrete Floor Oakham Leicestershire

This polished concrete floor completed recently in Oakham is what we call a CARRcrete InfinityFloor Matt Cream. No grinding of the surface takes place so no stones are revealed and only the surface laitence or ‘Cream’ is polished using special diamond abrasive pads.

Polished Concrete Floor Ipswich Suffolk - CARRcrete InfinityFloor Gloss Salt:Pepper

Polished Concrete Floor Ipswich Suffolk

We were recently contracted to rescue this polished concrete floor in Ipswich Suffolk, though the term polished isn’t really accurate, scratched would be more appropriate here.

CARRcrete InfinityFloor Gloss Stone Polished Concrete Floor Doncaster

Polished Concrete Floor Doncaster

Polished Concrete Floor Doncaster – CARRcrete InfinityFloor Gloss Stone. Using LaFarge Artevia Polish for the concrete slab, we ground this floor back to reveal the large 20mm local river gravel and polished through to a high gloss, high clarity 3000 grit finish. This is InfinityFloor looks truly stunning in the flesh with reflection and gloss …

Warehouse Polished Concrete Floor Derby

Warehouse Polished Concrete Floor In Derby

Warehouse Polished Concrete Floor Derby. With a fleet of highly effective diamond polishing machines we are able to tackle any size of concrete floor polishing contract. Here is a small section of a warehouse in Derby that required a high gloss, attractive and hygienic finish which we created rapidly out of hours by abrading the …

Polished Concrete Stairs Hove

Polished Concrete Stairs Hove

These concrete stairs were an integral part of a premium property development in Hove. Poured and cast by the homeowner and builder using our unique CARRcrete cement and local aggregates.

Factory Floor Surface Preparation Leicester

Concrete Factory Floor Surface Preparation Leicester

A recent surface preparation contract ready for a new painted floor. This factory floor in Leicester had years of built up paint and resin layers (Over 10mm thick) that had proven too much for competitors to remove effectively; all hope was thought to be lost until we proposed a solution using our aggressive machinery and …

CARRcrete Polished Concrete Overlay Sheffield - 02

CARRcrete Polished Concrete Overlay Sheffield

Here we have one of our CARRcrete polished concrete overlays applied over a heated concrete slab. The original slab had been very poorly applied and cracked horribly due to too much water being added to the ready mix.

Polished Concrete Floor Kidderminster

Polished Concrete Floor Kidderminster

A series of polished concrete floors in Kidderminster which take advantage of both existing and new floor areas which are fully insulated with underfloor heating, concrete poured directly onto the piping.

Jamies Italian - Polished Concrete Floor

Jamies Italian Newcastle – Polished Concrete Floor

Here is our polished concrete floor in the downstairs bar area of Jamie’s Italian Newcastle. The concrete floor was ground and polished to a satin finish to replicate a semi-industrial look that was in keeping with the decor of the restaurant.

Polished Concrete Floor Birmingham - 12668

Polished Concrete Floor Birmingham

Just look how rich the colour is in this beautiful polished concrete floor in Birmingham. The concrete is LaFarge Artevia finished off to a satin level of gloss with our swiss diamond abrasives and high speed burnished upon sealing the slab.

Polished Concrete Floor Flitwick Bedfordshire

Polished Concrete Floor Flitwick Bedfordshire

Here we have ground and polished a whole floor plan in a bungalow to create a smooth, easy to maintain and classy looking floor. Polished concrete floors when correctly processed improve with age, our unique densifiers harden and seal the concrete slab from the inside out to create a non-porous, rock hard surface. We further …

Polished Concrete Floor Beeston Nottingham

Polished Concrete Commerical Floor Beeston Nottingham

A small commercial floor in an art studio Beeston Nottingham. A massive improvement over the slab we inherited which was poorly laid and finished. We ground away the surface laitence to expose the strong paste of the concrete and began removing the tooling scratches until a glass smooth finish was developed. The polished concrete slab …

Polished Concrete Factory Floor Leicestershire

We were contracted to remove the old layers of floor paint from this aisle within a busy factory over a weekend and replace with a polished concrete floor. This decision was made due to the inherent qualities polished concrete offers over paint or resin floors.

Grand Designs Polished Concrete Floor Milton Keynes

Grand Designs Polished Concrete Floor Milton Keynes

Here’s our latest completed polished concrete floor in Milton Keynes which will be featured on Grand Designs next autumn.

Polished Concrete Floor Letchworth

Here we have a polished concrete floor used as the floor to a living room. The floor was ground down to reveal the local aggregate used in the concrete mix and polished through a subtle satin finish. We used our proprietary concrete hardeners and sealers to add protection to the surface.

Polished Concrete Floor Coalville Leicestershire

Polished Concrete Floor Coalville Leicestershire

A polished concrete floor in a garage which will soon be converted into a woodworking workshop. Our customer (very cool guy) needed a surface that was very durable, robust and easy to clean. Of course polished concrete flooring is perfect for this application, dust is swept and vacuum away very easily.

Polished Concrete Floor Nottingham

Nottingham: Polished Concrete Kitchen Floor

Polished Concrete Kitchen Floor Nottingham. This polished concrete floor in a stunning area of Nottingham was part of a complete refurbishment of the kitchen area. We ground away the surface paste to expose the limestone and granite aggregate beneath and began polishing through to a high gloss, high clarity finish.

polished concrete floor Chelmsford Essex

Polished Concrete Floor Chelmsford Essex

This concrete floor in Chelmsford Essex had been very poorly laid, very uneven with large depressions and gouges forcing us to grind away large amounts of the concrete before we could start our polishing process.

Polished Concrete Floor Bawtry Doncaster

Polished Concrete Floor Bawtry Doncaster

Here we have a concrete floor and utility room in Bawtry Doncaster which was originally covered with old marley tiles, stuck down with bitumen; what a mess. As our customers were about to have a new stylish kitchen installed, they needed a suitable floor. That’s where polished concrete came in.

Polished Concrete Worktops : Benches

Concrete Worktops And Benches

Here we have two polished concrete worktops we created for Tim Hubbard of 93ft, for a luxury hair salon at Sellers Wheel in Sheffield. The concrete work benches were designed to look both rustic and industrial with unfilled slightly honed sides and edges whilst having a very high gloss, high clarity reflective working surface.

Surface Preparation Northampton

Surface Preparation Northampton

We were called into the Ricoh headquarters in Northampton to remove tile adhesive from 200 m2 of reception area and leave a surface suitable for laying tiles to. Previous contractors and their surface preparation methods had been stopped in their tracks due to the amount of dust they were creating. Plus their process was very …


Domestic Polished Concrete Floor Derbyshire

A polished concrete floor in an old Derbyshire cottage, unfortunately this floor fell a little foul of the builder (again) – but we still managed to a decent finish that the client was really happy with.

Polished Concrete Floors Nottingham - Premium Diamonds

Polished Concrete Floors Nottingham

We have already featured this polished concrete floor in Nottingham before, but we were asked if we would update the floor using our premium range of diamonds.

Polished Concrete Factory Floor Derby

Polished Concrete Factory Floor Derby

This was a last minute contract we undertook within a large aerospace factory in Derby. We needed to grind away the existing old (but tough) paint from the concrete surface

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