Polished Concrete – The Professional Difference

When it comes to polished concrete flooring there are two main ways to achieve a polished look. You either polish the floor with diamond abrasives moving from coarse to very fine using up to 11 different grades of tool. This creates the uniformity and fineness of scratches which provides the gloss and clarity. This is the way we polish concrete floors, the look and durability is awesome.

The other way is to smooth out the concrete with a limited amount of diamond tools (3 or 4) and apply a topical wax sealer to the surface to create a kind of gloss. This is naturally a less expensive finish, but it does look pretty lame when put side by side with a diamond polished finish. The wax prevents the concrete from breathing and is prone to scratching, scuffing and wearing thin. Essentially you are getting less than half the job.

Heres a quick test patch we undertook to prove the difference between our diamond polishing (up to satin) and the competitors wax gloss.