January 7, 2020

Polished Concrete Floors In Leicester

CARRcrete has provided professional concrete polishing and surface preparation services in the Leicestershire area for many years. Don't hesitate to call us today!

A factory floor of polished concrete by CARRcrete

As so many companies across Leicester have already found out for themselves, the polished concrete flooring provided by CARRcrete is second to none. We understand the ins and outs of installing and finishing the type of flooring, and it’s what our team has been doing for years now.

Every customer we’ve dealt with has been happy with the glossy finish to their floor that they’ve been left with. And we’re always happy to collaborate in order to secure the optimal outcome in line with the specifications of each client.

Polished concrete floors are growing in popularity for a number of reasons. For some business, such as industrial companies, the functionality and ease that come with this type of flooring is what’s most appealing. But any business or home can benefit from the aesthetic advances that come with using our services too.

The high gloss finish that’s associated with polished concrete flooring looks astounding when it’s done properly, and we make sure it’s done properly every time.

We’re happy to discuss our past projects and portfolio with you, and what’s what you’re probably here for. Each project is a source of pride for us, so scroll down to learn more about just a few of the polished concrete flooring projects we’ve completed for clients in Leicester so far.

Garage Polished Concrete Floor

This floor was installed in a garage that was being turned into a workshop for woodwork. For that reason, our client was looking for a floor that was going to be easy to keep clean, very durable and generally strong.

It was immediately clear to him and us that a polished concrete solution was the most obvious one for his situation. The concrete slab was laid by a contractor we knew and trusted, so we knew there would be no problems there.

The concrete floor looked simply stunning by the time we were done with it, and the client was happy with the finish as well. With the help of the very best machinery and our carefully developed techniques, it was easy to achieve these top results.

Diamond abrasives were used to create the overall finished achieved on this project as well. In the end, the project was a joy to work on. The client was very accommodating, our techniques were implemented perfectly and the finish ended up being exactly what the client had been looking for.

Cream Finish Polished Concrete Floor

This InfinityFloor Matt Cream project allowed us to complete a task without any grinding. The overlay was put in place rather swiftly and you can see the results for yourselves. The cream finish adds something new and interesting to the room, and it stands out among the other floors we’ve created over years for clients and customers. Diamond abrasive pads were used to achieve this cream finish.

The polished concrete floor was created without any real problems experienced along the way. We always aim to keep disruption for clients to a minimum, and that was certainly the case with this particular project. The client was able to get back to work and focus on the importance of their day to day work.

As ever the floor was sealed with the very best impregnable concrete sealer to ensure the quality and strength of the floor would never be compromised in the months and years ahead. This style of polished concrete floor is very popular right now. The texture look perfect and the whole thing is deceptively simple.

Polished Concrete Factory Floor

Polished are many reasons why factories floors suit the polished concrete style. They offer that strength and resilience that’s so often vital in this kind of setting. Without a strong floor, those wear and tear issues become ever more pronounced until they’re pretty much impossible to ignore any longer.

On this project, we were first hired to remove the layers of paint from the factory floor and then replace it with polished concrete. Paint or resin floors might work in certain situations but they’re always going to have inherent weaknesses and drawbacks when compared to polished concrete flooring.

For that reason, it makes sense that the client wanted this replacement work carrying out. Once the paint was taken away with our tools, the concrete exposed below could be polished up using our CARRcrete products and turned into a strong and visually pleasing floor.

The floor was finished to the highest standard, so the client wouldn’t have to worry about problems later on. The floor was designed with stain resistance and easy cleaning in mind because those things matter in factory settings.

Surface Preparation

Sometimes, it’s necessary for the floor to be prepare before anything else can be done to it. It’s not always possible to go straight to the polishing process, and some tasks require more surface preparation work than others. This is something we know and understand inside out.

And even if other companies have told you that a polish concrete floor is not possible for you, that might not be the case once the surface preparation work has been done.

So many times we’ve seen floors that have built up layers of resin and old paint. But those layers can be removed using the aggressive machinery we have available to us. Once we’ve done out work, the surface will be ripe for renewal, and all kinds of options will become open to you.

That’s why you should always let us look at the situation before you write it off completely. If you want to get in touch with us to talk about your polished concrete floor needs, feel free to do so. It will be worth your time and effort because CARRcrete is recognised as the paramount provider of high quality polished concrete flooring in Leicester and beyond.

You don’t have to commit to anything right away either; we offer free quotes to any business owner or homeowner who wants one.

Simply call us up request a call back via the Contact Us page on our website. You’ll be able to talk to a member of our team about what you’re looking for from a polished concrete floor.