January 7, 2020

Polished Concrete Floors In Cardiff

CARRcrete have long been the professionals of choice around the Cardiff area for superb polished concrete flooring. Benefit from our expert advice and service.

An example of a polished concrete floor in Cardiff

Concrete Polishing Cardiff. Here is a our latest CARRcrete InfinityFloor polished concrete on a floor in a really nice area of Cardiff. As the concrete used on this project was not what we would call a traditional mix and one of the more modern self compacting formulas, we had envisaged a few complications. That proved not to be the case.

This large extension will soon be a kitchen diner and cinema room; very cool idea! The polished concrete floor will really enhance the room with extra light and easy maintenance and create a beautiful canvas for the rest of the furnishing.

I'd like to thank CARRcrete for doing an amazing job on our floor. We're absolutely delighted with the finished product. We opted for the site visit and that was money well spent so that we could ensure that we got the perfect floor.... Berwyn Jones

Quite often the new modern self compacting concretes do not lend themselves so well to polishing. The surface is quite regularly very soft and abrasive which prevents a decent polish from forming and wears tools very rapidly. After conducting our initial site survey some weeks before the project started, we were able to put together a plan to help mitigate the potential problems.

We chose chemicals and tools that we knew would cope with the extra abrasive surface, chemicals that would flood the surface and bind together and fill any aeration holes that often mar the finish.

This concrete polishing in Cardiff was a fully mechanical finish where we used only our own premium diamond abrasive tools to fully refine the surface of the concrete. There were no guard coat sealers applied to the floor, only a high quality impregnating sealer.

Dave Carr's Thoughts On This Project

I’ve always enjoyed working in Cardiff, it really is a superb city with very friendly people and always made very welcome there. This project was a little more tricky than we are used to being that there was a kitchen already installed, so quite a bit of hand edging needed to be undertaken. But the finished result and happy clients was more than worth the extra work.

Find out how we can help you with your next concrete floor project, we have a very friendly and dedicated team waiting to be of assistance.

This InfinityFloor Salt:Pepper Finish In Cardiff Looks Amazing

This polished concrete floor was on the whole quite well laid but unfortunately there was some confusion between the installer and the builder where the installer insisted on applying a cure and seal product, which as you can see had a large amount of curing marks in the surface after the builder covered the floor with protective sheeting.

“Great service from CARRcrete via phone. Unfortunately our concrete hadn’t been laid exactly to specification, so there were a few hiccups! Also, there were too many miles between us for CARRcrete guys to pop round and review the situation!! But the floor was polished to a high standard, and we love it! - Sue Bickerton”

The Concrete Polishing Process

This floor was originally specified to be a cream finish where we simply polish the laitence on the surface and remove hardly any material. But due to the application of said cure and seal, this finish had to be changed to a salt and pepper look due to the removal of the sealer and affected surface.

If the concrete slab installer had not applied the thick coating of resinous cure and seal we would have honed and polished the surface using our fibre backed diamond abrasive pads, which work in a very gentle way to smooth out and polish the surface without removing excess material, thus preventing any sand and aggregates from showing through. This process we have found to keep the cloudy industrial appearance that everyone loves about our InfinityFloor Cream finish.

“The way the slab was cured caused many colour variations“

Dave Carr’s thoughts on this Polished Concrete Floor Cardiff Wales project
I found this floor both frustrating and challenging due to the problems we inherited from the installation process whilst still trying to maintain some semblance of the chosen InfinityFloor specification. The floor had every chance of being a perfect InfinityFloor Cream finish but on closer inspection the cure and seal product was used like a pore filler to hide minor defects within the surface. The way the slab was cured caused many colour variations that could not be removed without significantly changing the appearance of the floor. After all the techniques used I think this floor came out looking superb considering the challenges it posed, the colour was lovely and rich with a nice classy level of shine across the surface.

CARRcrete always advise their clients to follow our concrete specification for all new concrete slab installation to help ensure the greatest chance of success in achieving your designed finish. Our specification has been developed through years of experience and with careful consultation with concrete industry experts.