January 7, 2020

Polished Concrete Flooring In York

We cover the whole of the UK and York is one of our most popular areas where our concrete polishing services are used. Call us today to find out more about our polished concrete flooring.

A polished concrete floor in Harrogate, Yorkshire

Here at CARRcrete, we have provided a number of clients and customers with concrete floors in York and all around Yorkshire. Polished concrete floors look absolutely stunning with a contemporary aesthetic that simply cannot be compared to anything else.

Concrete can be rugged and rough, but we have perfected the technique of transforming concrete floors into stunning, beautiful works of art that are clients simple adore.

We have provided our polished concrete floor services in Yorkshire to an eclectic list of clients, and there is absolutely no limit on what room or area of the building could benefit from a polished concrete floor.

From entrance halls to bedrooms and basements we have seen it all, and our extensive history is what separates us from the competition on the market.

One of the things our clients simply adore about our polished concrete floors is that they are durable and safe. This is why they have been used in a wide variety of different buildings in and around York. Our polished concrete floor solution is particularly popular in commercial buildings in both the public and the private sector. By viewing our portfolio of work, you will soon discover why.

Clients that use our service choose from three fabulous finishes including Cream, Salt & Pepper, and Stone. Each one serves a unique purpose and fits into a certain environment due to its wonderful aesthetic. As you can see from our examples, each finish is popular in its own right so whether you’re looking to improve an industrial area or you would like a floor polished to impress, this could certainly be the answer.

MicroConcrete Cream Finish

We have completed a number of polished concrete floors for clients in Yorkshire including a beautiful microcement cream finish polished concrete floor. This floor was designed by using the CARRcrete Protop Loft overlay product that is made right here in the UK.

The photographs of this floor clearly show the beautiful, elegant swirls and shadows that make up the surface appearance. This is achieved by painstakingly adding thin coats to the floor multiple times to create something that looks extraordinary.

The floor was designed to look like one of our InfinityFloor cream finishes. This can be achieved whether you currently have a floor that is rough concrete or if you are installing brand new, fresh concrete. If you do already have concrete laid down that is rough, we can start by applying an overlay.

This provides the perfect foundation to style and colour your new floor in whatever way you want, regardless of the original appearance.

The materials used to create this floor are fantastic because they are particularly environmentally friendly. In fact, the cement binder used greatly decreases the levels of CO2 that are produced and includes recycled materials.

One of the big benefits of this type of polished floor is that the micro-cement product that we use is actually the best on the market due to the level of versatility that it provides. As well as this, the floor can be sanded far more rapidly so you can completely avoid long work periods.

Stone Finish

Another client was eager to have polished concrete floors with a stone finish in their basement. This project was completed by re-grinding and polishing the floor using jack counter-rotating machines, once again to give an InfinityFloor aesthetic.

This particular project is a great example of how our expert team is able to work around a number of issues to deliver a fantastic final result. The site conditions certainly made work difficult due to the fact that work was mainly completed around the basement where there was little light.

As well as this, dirty and debris was constantly fallinh from the walls. This meant our team had to continually clean and polish areas that had been damaged by this issue.

However, the finished effect looked absolutely stunning, and the difference between the floor before our service and after really is night and day. You can see how it reflects the light. After we polished the floor, it was resealed, and we used CARRcrete Proguard topical seal to ensure a lasting level of durability.

To complete the work on the floor, it had to be ground to 2 mm. We did this using four segment tools which made it easy to smooth out marks and remove low spots. As with every project, we used Prohard silicate densifier to harden the concrete surface.

The work to complete this flooring wasn’t difficult however, the environment certainly made the job more challenging.

Salt Pepper Finish

As well as working on industrial and commercial buildings we also are often asked to complete work on residential properties. Polished concrete floors used in York homes are often very popular because they give a property a luxurious feel and can even provide a better level of energy efficiency.

We have worked on properties where clients have desired polished concrete floors with a salt and pepper finish purely for this reason. As we’ve seen with countless clients, this can be a great way to give an older property a modern feel.

On previous projects, we have begun work, aiming for a polished cream finish and discovered that, due to the original floor, this was not possible through power floating. Instead, Salt: Pepper specification was used by grinding the floor down to smooth and flatten it out.

By using diamond abrasives, we were able to produce a beautiful, reflective service and used one of our most popular satin sheen proguard products to give it the final look. As well as this, the satin sheen ensured that there was an extra level of protection to ensure full durability.

This type of finish is often very popular in homes where owners are looking to make changes to increase value and get greater offers when it is time to sell. Remember, no floor is too old to produce this effect. We’ve worked to provide an incredible finish on a floor that was over twenty years old!

If you’re interested in learning more about any of these concrete floor finishes you can visit our home page. Alternatively, if you are interested in getting a polished concrete finish on a floor in your home, your business building or your industrial factory, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to assist you.