January 7, 2020

Polished Concrete Flooring In Sheffield

CARRcrete carry out commercial, industrial and residential polished concrete in and around the Sheffield area for a wide range of clients. Call us today to see how we can help you.

a beautiful polished concrete floor around Sheffield

Polished concrete flooring is suitable for all kinds of companies and home settings. That’s why we have such a broad portfolio of work to share with you here at CARRcrete. Over the years, we’ve helped so many and varied Sheffield-based companies achieve the polished concrete floor finishes they’ve been yearning for.

Our work throughout Yorkshire has been a success, with more happy customers being created with each completed project.

The benefits of polished concrete floors include the incredible aesthetic appeal offered by the style and their tough, easy to clean nature. Whether you run a business in Sheffield or you’re looking for a fresh new floor for your home, you’ve come to the right place. Our passion is polished concrete flooring and we understand it better than any other company in the region.

Our of work in Sheffield and Yorkshire is here for you to explore and learn more about. Every project is different, meaning each new project throws up new challenges and hurdles to overcome. But that’s all part of what makes this line of work so interesting for us.

We’re always happy to hear about your projects and we’re ready to help in whatever way we can, so get in touch if you want to use our service. In the meantime, here’s more about the types of flooring we’ve already installed for companies in Sheffield.

Salt Pepper Polished Concrete Floor

The original concrete slab that was in place on this project had been installed badly and this was obvious to us from the get-go. It seemed to be the case that too much water has been used in the original mix, and this has resulted in a large crack forming in the concrete. Luckily, we were able to turn the situation around and fit a beautiful salt pepper style polished concrete floor for the client.

The best part of using CARRcrete for this kind of project is that it’s so easy to use. It can be put in place swiftly and easily, and then it can be coloured depending on the specifications of the client. In the end, the concrete looked great despite the poor quality of the original work that had been done before we arrived.

Polished Concrete for Industrial Floors

At CARRcrete, we’ve recently created and launched a specification for floors meant for industrial settings. It’s called CARRcrete InfinityFloor. The highest quality diamond abrasives are made use of during the implementation of this process.

The purpose of all this is to create a floor that’s ideal for industrial companies and their specific needs and requirements. The industrial setting is quite unique so it’s only right that a bespoke flooring like this is chosen.

The emphasis is on making sure that the floor is easy to clean and maintain on the one hand while also being very strong and resilient on the other. With vehicles passing over it and plenty of wear and tear taking place, it’s safe to assume that strength is a major factor. The surface is hardened using silicate densifier.

All these practices were put to the test during a project for a large R&D company. All went according to plan and the quality results impressed the client, as did the timeliness of the work carried out.

Stone Finish Polished Concrete Floor

This stone finish project in Yorkshire also helped to put out InfinityFloor techniques into practice in a real world setting. It was a basement project and the floor was down by a couple or millimeters before further work could be carried out.

Power float marks were smoothed out. The floor was finished with ceramic abrasives before being hardened a densifier. The project presented plenty of challenges but it was completed to the total satisfaction of the client. That’s what matters most of all in this industry.

Cream Finish Polished Concrete Floor

Using our premium diamond abrasives to polish the concrete floor, we put in place a CARRcrete InfinityFloor that was fit for purpose. The cream finish floor offers something that little bit different, but the floor remains as impressive as any other so you don’t need to worry about that if you’re considering a similar option in your kitchen or workplace.

Fortunately, the concrete floor was very well laid and easy to work with. The process of polishing up the floor was made simple by our complex abrasives that have been designed specifically for this task and those like it. The tones and variation found on the surface aesthetic just go to show how impressive polished concrete can look when it’s installed with care and the right expertise.

MicroConcrete Cream Finish Polished Concrete Floor

This microconcrete floor project was completed using CARRcrete PROtop loft overlay. This is a product that we’ve developed and produced ourselves, and the results we get from it are beautiful. The pattern in the concrete are simple mesmeric. Each floor created using this technique is completely unique, and that’s a big selling point.

The overlay was of course applied to a substrate that was already in place. Because this substrate was not right for the process of polishing, the overlay was essential. Without it, none of what followed would have been in any way possible.

Different colours and tones were then chosen by the client, putting the control over the completed visual style of the floor in their hands. Once the application of those colours and tones were complete, the whole floor could be sealed and finished.

There are many reasons for having polished concrete floors installed in your establishment or home. If it’s something you’re considering and want to find out more about, you shouldn’t hesitate to get in touch and talk to a member of our team who will listen to your requirements and put the wheels in motion on your project.

You can also get a free quote for the work before you commit to anything, so be sure to make the most of that. There’s no other company operating in Sheffield that can boast the expertise and experience that we can here at CARRcrete.