January 7, 2020

Polished Concrete Flooring Exeter

CARRcrete provide a surface preparation and concrete floor polishing service in and around Exeter.

This polished concrete floor was for a project in Exeter

CARRcrete are at the forefront of polishing concrete in the UK, not only do we design and produce our own diamond abrasive tooling for the finest quality finish. We also boast a wealth of technical knowledge and skill that far surpasses that of the local competition in Exeter; and without the arrogance displayed by local companies.

CARRcrete are the friendly, approachable and truly professional option for those seeking a stunning polished concrete in and around the Exeter area. We have completed works for blue chip companies, Grand Designs projects, commercial enterprises and of course the discerning residential client.

So why choose CARRcrete for your polishing works in your area?

  • We have years of experience in the polished concrete industry
  • We develop our own diamond abrasive tooling, which we sell across the globe
  • We manufacture our own concrete overlays and microconcrete toppings here in the UK
  • We have a wealth of technical knowledge about concrete
  • We understand your project needs and can give you guidance
  • We are freindly and approachable, no misguided arrogance here
  • We stand by our professionalism and portfolio
  • We do not need to resort to bad mouthing the competition

Our polished concrete flooring is nothing short of stunning. Whether you would like an InfinityFloor Cream finish which is currently the finish most in fashion, where the stones of the concrete are not visible and instead have a really cool and visually stunning cloudy tone throughout the floor. We can give you that, we have multiple options for you to choose from.

CARRcrete InfinityFloor The Highest Quality Concrete Finish

Whether it be a tradtional concrete slab that is laid at 100mm thick over your underfloor heating and insulation or a 3mm MicroConcrete overlay that is laid over your new or old cementitious screed. We have options. And because we manufacture our own overlays we know exactly how to get the very best from them.

Or maybe you like the heavy aggregate look, where the stones within the concrete are revealed to look like a modern day terrazzo floor. Either way, we have methods and products that can achieve both looks with stunning results.

With one of the largest fleets of concrete grinding and polishing machinery in the UK, we are able to tackle projects of all sizes. All with fully skilled full time staff that act professionally and respectfully whilst on task. We work with you our client to achieve stunning results from concrete surfaces.

What Are The Benefits Of Polished Concrete Flooring?

Concrete flooring when installed professionally to our specification is a highly robust and durable substrate, combine this with our advanced silicate densifiers than penetrate into the surface of the concrete to convert any free lime into the more useful and less porous material calcium silicate hydrate.

This promotes the formation of a much more abrasion resistant surface that naturally has a lower porosity and naturally ages well. Our advanced penetrating stain resistors allow the concrete slab to breath naturally so any water vapour can transmit through the surface without any worries of spalling.

These same stain resistors also offer much needed reaction time against water and oil based contamination and if maintained correctly, our floors will last years.

How Do You Get Polished Concrete?

You can get a polished concrete in multiple ways, here is an article on the subject. But in brief, you can either have an existing floor that is insitu ground, hardened, polished and sealed or have MicroConcrete overlay installed.

You also have the option of having a brand new concrete substrate installed to our specifications, a specification we are more than happy to provide you with. This allows you to select which InfinityFloor finish your like; Cream Salt:Pepper or Stone. The choice of finish is yours.

Is Polished Concrete Expensive?

We have a full article on the costs of polished concrete which details what factors make up the cost of this premium flooring option.

The thing to remember is that concrete flooring by CARRcrete is a premium floor finish, we aren’t the most expensive option on the market but we are also not the least expensive. You get what you pay for, a professional team of experts in the field with years of experience and knowledge to back up our skills.