January 7, 2020

Polished Concrete Flooring Derby

We provide polished concrete flooring services in and around Derby for all types of environments including commercial, industrial and residential properties. Contact us today for a free estimate.

An exposed aggregate concrete floor in Derby

Here at CARRcrete, polished concrete floors is what we’re passionate about and what we understand inside out. We’re experts in the industry, and you won’t find a company better placed to offer you polished concrete flooring services anywhere in Derby. Our team of experienced experts know what it takes to make customers happy and satisfied with the outcomes achieved.

Having already helped many companies in many different ways with their polished concrete flooring needs, we’re more than happy to take on new projects from companies like yours. No project is beyond us because we cherish the opportunity to take on new jobs, no matter what they are.

The work we’ve done throughout Derby with all kinds of companies in many different sectors is worth looking at in more depth. If you’re thinking about using our services, learning more about the work we’ve done for other Derby based businesses could help you make your decision.

Polished Concrete Factory Floor

This project was undertaken for an aerospace company based in Derby, but we took the contract on at the last minute. The concrete surface was covered in paint that we had to completely remove before we could go any further. When this was done, we were able to polish the surface until it came up to a nice glossy finish. Working to the clock, we completed the project inside 48 hours, proving we can work under pressure when necessary.

Comparing the surface we completed with the painted floor that the company had in place before, it was clear that the new surface was far more aesthetically pleasing. The company was so happy with the results that we were asked to upgrade the other flooring in the building. It was important that that we worked around the employees’ shift patterns and didn’t create any mess, and we took those requirements seriously.

Microcement Cream Finish Polished Concrete Floor

Using PROtop, we create a concrete overlay on a sand cement floor in Derby. This job added just 3 mm of height to the floor, but it completely transformed it. The client had been let down by the builder when the incorrect flooring type had been installed, meaning it was down to us to come in and turn things around. The screed that had been fitted couldn’t be polished, making the desired outcome impossible in the floor’s current state.

The PROtop product was applied to the surface of the floor in numerous thin coats. The microcement floor ended up looking exactly like the client had originally wanted it, and this was all made possible by the specialist product we develop and use. The situation might have seemed doom with the screed already in place, but once the microcement finish was installed on top of it, the options were endless for the client.

Salt Pepper Finish Polished Concrete Floor

This work was done for a woodworking business where the workshop required a new floor that would better suit its function. First and foremost, the floor need to be functional and not hinder the people working there day in day out. It was all about creating a no nonsense flooring solution that was going to work smoothly. Some of the surface had to be removed so that we could polish it up and create the right polished concrete effect.

There were some challenges that were faced along the way, but it was all worth the hardwork and perseverance in the end. The surface that we ended the project with was both easy to clean and tough enough to withstand the kind of work that was going to be carried out in there on a day to day basis. The decision to use a matt finish was made to ensure that functionality was always going to be there.

Industrial Polished Concrete Floor

Warehouse projects often involve covering large areas, but thanks to our machines and working processes, we’re able to take on any floor, no matter how big or small. We’ve taken on many warehouse projects, and we understand that different warehouses have different needs and functions. The images provided show the high gloss polished concrete floor finishes we’ve completed for company warehouses so far.

In these settings, a clean, attractive and hygienic finish is often what’s most important. That makes warehouses ideally suited to polished concrete flooring. Unlike other options, they’re very easy to keep clean and they always look great. This can be achieved by abraded the floor’s surface using the diamond abrasives we create ourselves here at CARRcrete. It’s all finished with low odour concrete sealing solutions for the very best outcomes.

Stone Finish Polished Concrete Floor

On a completely different note, we’ve also carried out work in older residential properties, such as this cottage in Derbyshire. Trent valley gravel had already been used in the concrete flooring’s initial installation. Builders hadn’t left the flooring in good shape though, so the client needed our help to bring it up to scratch once and for all. It was clear from the outset from the quality of the concrete in place that the floor had real potential.

We got to work right away and first ground down the surface paste. This opened up the floor to the construction aggregate below. It was then possible for us to start polishing up the floor and making it look as good as the client wanted it to look. A water based sealant was used to seal the surface once we had polished up the floor to a 100 grit finish.

If you wish to make the most of our polished concrete flooring services, you simply need to get in touch and speak to a members of our team will provide you with the assistance you need. You can get a free quote, so you won’t need to make any commitments before finding out whether a CARRcrete polished concrete floor is for you. You can find all of our contact details on our website, so make that call today and benefit from what we can offer your business.