January 7, 2020

Polished Concrete Flooring In Birmingham

We are professionals in concrete polishing and surface preparation for commercial, industrial and residential environments.

A polished concrete floor in Solihull Birmingham

The flooring of a home can have a huge impact on many things, including the aesthetics, the insulation, the value, and so much more. The floor you have in your home can even have an impact on your health.

In many homes these days you will find polished concrete floors, as they are becoming a more popular option all over the world. Our team can install polished concrete flooring for you in and around the Birmingham area, offering a range of finishes and colours - no need to just go for grey.

You will always be able to achieve the polished concrete floor of your dreams when you choose us to help you!

Quick Facts About Polished Concrete Flooring

Although they may look great, you also need to know how practical and useful these types of floors are. Let’s take a look at some quick facts regarding this type of floor:

  • You will usually find this type of floor with underfloor heating
  • They are usually 100mm thick.
  • Polished concrete floors are better off being designed early on in a project.
  • This type of floor is polished with diamond-polishing tools.
  • These floors are diamond ground and then treated with a chemical densifier.

What You Should Know About Living With A Concrete Floor

This type of floor is easy to clean, hard wearing, and actually looks better with age. This means you can feel reassured it’s going to last for years after installation. It’s a great backdrop for a neutral decor and won’t harbour dust mites so is great for those with allergies.

It can be used both inside and outside to keep your floor scheme uniformed, however, outside it’ll age quicker and may affect the appearance and colour originally chosen. This doesn’t mean it won’t look as good, just that it’ll look different.

If you do experience damage to your floor, then you may need to get it repolished. It’s important to remember that this type of floor is very hard, so if you fall or drop something, it could cause damage to you/the item you have dropped. It can also be cold underfoot unless you get underfloor heating to go with it.

You will need to make sure you mop up any liquids the second they are spilled on a floor like this. Also, expect hairline cracks around the outside of your floor, as this cannot be avoided during installation, but they are barely noticeable.

Polished Concrete Installation Process

This sort of installation should never be performed DIY. You need a professional to install a floor like this. The right skills, equipment, and experience are all required to get the finish on something like this right.

Here’s a short idea of what happens during the installation process:

  • The space to be floored will be filled and levelled using a laser, rakes, and vibratory screeding machines with bull floats.
  • As the day goes on, the surface will be refined and flattened using different types of floats.
    The final surface is closed off and then densified by a hand trowel or power trowel machines. This will then develop a sheen.
  • The installation process can take 4-14 hours, and can depend on weather conditions. Fresh concrete can be damaged permanently, so if it’s too hot there is a risk of the concrete shrinking.

What Is The Cost Of A Polished Concrete Floor?

There’s no way to give a quote without first knowing a few things. The cost will depend on factors like:

  • The number of rooms to be floored.
  • The size of the area.
  • The amount of floor space.
  • The finish required.
  • Various other factors that can come into it.

Here is a more detail article on polished concrete floor costs.

If you are on the lookout for a quality polished concrete floor in Birmingham, you can call us for a quote and we may be able to give you a ballpark figure on a per square metre basis. It’s important to remember that every single project is unique and different methods must be used to get the look and finish right.

It’s always a good idea to have a figure in your mind of how much you’d like to spend before calling so we can advise on what’s best for you.

The only way to know for sure what is required for yours is to call us and find out.

Why Go Through All Of This Trouble For A Floor?

When you compare polished concrete flooring to other kinds of flooring, it can seem like a lot of effort. However, the benefits of it is huge compared to other types. The floors look just stunning, and really enhance a home.

We take our time to make sure we create something truly special and bespoke for you, so it is worth the extra planning. Other kinds of floors can damage all too easily, and don’t always look better with age. Carpets hold dust and aren’t great for allergies - in fact, many of them can be toxic.

Laminate floors are cheap and can become damaged easily. Hardwood flooring can be high quality, but the finish is entirely different to a polished concrete floor.

We are flooring specialists that operate in Birmingham and will be able to advise you on the best type of polished concrete floor for your home and needs. We ensure our work is always installed to a professional, stunning finish.

Call us today to find out more about our polished concrete flooring in Birmingham and get a quote from our friendly team.