Polished Concrete Floor Cost?

How Much Is Polished Concrete Per Square Metre? What does a polsihed concrete floor cost? We are often asked ‘Is a polished concrete floor expensive?’ The short answer to this question is ‘no more than any other premium floor finish’. Expect diamond grinding and polishing of existing/newly laid floors to be around £50 per square metre, the application of a concrete overlay is around £120 per square metre, dependant on geographic location, floor size and substrate condition. If you are getting substantially lower prices than these then I’d be worried about their skill level and process. The lifespan and overall maintenance costs of a concrete floor are however far less than other finishes, *if correctly maintained.

But please note, there are many factors that contribute to these figures. Do not simply say ’tiles are cheaper!’ Of course they will be if the tiles are sub premium and you haven’t contracted a professional tiler, so compare apples with apples.

What are the options?

If you have an existing floor or a newly laid concrete slab it may be possible to either grind and polish that or to apply a microcement or a concrete overlay to give a completely new finish. The larger the floor area the lower the cost per square metre and it is always less expensive to have one large room worked on than multiple rooms; if you see the size of the equipment used you will understand why. There’s also a lot less edging in a single room 🙂

How much is polished concrete per square metre?

How much is polished concrete per square metre?
A Badly Laid Floor Is More Expensive To Polish

Always consider that better laid and stronger floors are going to be less expensive to work on than those of a lesser quality. Softer more abrasive concrete is usually more expensive to work with as it requires additional chemical hardeners to strengthen the surface and it is to be expected that more diamond tools will be used as a result of the extra abrasion. How much is polished concrete per square metre? Not that expensive when you consider how long it can last; if correctly maintained.

Do you have space to have an overlay installed?

An overlay is a cementitious product that is applied over an existing floor surface; our overlays are usually between 3mm-10mm in thickness which means most people can have one installed if your substrate is suitable. If you have the height allowance available, we would always recommend using an overlay such as our PROtop or PROtop Loft products as they are designed to remove many of the inconsistences with standard concrete and can help greatly in achieving the desired look of your floor. For example if you like the cloudy grey look of our cream finish, then an overlay is the easiest way.

A Concrete Overlay Is Applied Over An Existing Floor
A Concrete Overlay Offers Far More Design Options

If you have a concrete slab, floor screed or a tiled floor, there is a high possibility that one of our concrete overlay products will be suitable for creating your polished concrete floor.

Is It Expensive To Polish Concrete?

Yes in labour time, machinery, tooling and consumable usage. It is expensive to start up in business as a concrete polisher or an applicator of concrete overlays. There is also very little in the way of training available for our trade, that which is out there is nothing more than product/equipment sales demonstrations. So in fairness, when compared to other flooring trades, polished concrete is somewhat of a bargain considering the investment any contractor has undertaken.

Professional Concrete Polishing Equipment Is Expensive
Professional Concrete Polishing Equipment Is Expensive

Fortunately CARRcrete are a little different to the competition by not only having years of experience, we own all of our equipment and have one of the largest portfolios in the industry. We are also different in that we design our machinery, produce our own diamond tooling and concrete overlays; no one else can boast this. Is A Polished Concrete Floor Expensive? Not when you consider how dedicated the average concrete polisher is to their trade.

Always check when gathering quotations that any contractor/company owns their machinery, avoid those which to need hire equipment, and always check they have a portfolio of work. If they are missing/lacking either of these then all their promises should be taken with a pinch of salt.

What Factors Affect The Cost?

  • Quality of the existing concrete floor (to grind/polish)
  • Are floor repairs necessary (cracks, holes, breakages)
  • Type of finish required (cream, salt:pepper, stone)
  • Whether an overlay is required or not (3mm or 10mm thick)
  • Number of rooms/floors (lots of edging)
  • Geographic location (expensive food and accomodation)
  • Skill level of polisher or applicator (professionals are worth more)

How Much Is Polished Concrete Per Square Metre