Our Diamond Polishing Process For Concrete Floors

Our concrete polishing process ‘CARRcrete InfinityFloor‘ has no shortcuts, if you want the best finish, the highest gloss and clarity without the need for a topical wax coating, you need to use the highest quality diamond abrasives and expert knowledge. This is where our years of knowledge and experience becomes very useful.

Our finish compared to the competition
Our finish compared to the competition

How do I get polished concrete flooring?

We can carry out our polishing process on existing concrete floors or for truly astonishing results we recommend our CARRcrete designer concrete overlays

Here’s a brief break down of our concrete grinding and polishing process, this will give you an idea of what work goes into producing a quality bit of work.

Our unique diamond polishing system includes:

  • Coarse grinding using metal diamond tools where necessary
  • Filling of aeration holes and small imperfections using co-polymer resins
  • Advanced capillary densification
  • Honing using transition abrasives up to 400 grit
  • Polishing using diamond abrasives up to 3000 grit
  • Premium stain guard using CARRcrete PROseal

There’s naturally a few twists and turns we do not disclose 😉

Concrete floor polishing 100 grit

At this stage the concrete has been ground down with two stages of metal bonded diamonds and then one stage of 100 grit CARRcrete PROhone copper/resin hybrid bond diamonds

Concrete floor polishing process 200 g

Now we are at 200 grit CARRcrete PROpolish and have a very matt finish, the concrete is technically closed off at this point.

Concrete floor polishing process 400 grit

This is a matt/satin finish, a closed off surface taken up to 400 grit CARRcrete PROpolish resin.

concrete floor polishing process 800 grit

Now we have reached our low gloss finish which offers Low levels of reflection, this is achieved at 800 grit CARRcrete PROpolish.

concrete floor polishing process 800 grit

This is a 1500 grit CARRcrete PROpolish gloss finish, offering nice levels of gloss, clarity and reflectivity across the concrete floor.

concrete floor polishing process 3000 grit

3000 grit CARRcrete PROpolish resin, is our current highest level of gloss for concrete floors. We have found through extensive testing that floors taken up to this level offer far greater stain resistance, require very little maintenance and above all, look superb.