January 7, 2020

Nottingham Polished Concrete Floors

Being based in Newark Nottinghamshire, we are ideally placed to service the local Nottingham area with our concrete polishing and surface preparation skills.

An example of a high gloss residential polished concrete floor

CARRcrete has provided polished concrete flooring solutions to all manner of customers across the Nottingham area. From kitchen floors to commercial projects, we’ve done it all and seen it all. It’s the knowledge and experienced gathered through these myriad projects that makes us ideally suited to help you out when the time comes for you to finally upgraded to a polished concrete floor.

Taking that step is a big deal for many small business owners and homeowners. So when you do it, you want to know that the people carrying out the work have pedigree and can be trusted to get things done on time, on budget and without any fuss, while also meeting expectations. That’s where we step in; our portfolio of work in Nottingham to date shows the variety of work we’re capable of completing to the highest of standards.

If you’re thinking of having polished concrete flooring fitted in you building or property, you probably want to find out more about some of the projects we’ve completed in Nottingham so far. So read on now to learn more about the successful projects we’ve completed for clients.

Salt Pepper Finish Polished Concrete Floor

Salt pepper finishes are very popular, and you can see why. They create a visually appealing affect that can work well in all kinds of settings. We’ve completed this finish for many companies over the years, and this particular project involved grinding away about a millimetre of the surface material. This then exposed the stones and sands underneath making it possible for us to create the perfect polished concrete floor finish.

The process was relatively straightforward and the results were satisfactory for the owner.
Before the project was finally completed however, we had to seal the floor with a locking system that keeps everything as it should be and provides a durable and strong floor for the client. This is done using our triple lock method, which makes use of sealers, guard products and sensitisers. Combined together, these three products make the floor safer and stronger than it would otherwise be, and that’s what matters most to many business owners. The salt pepper finished looked good and everything was done once the finish was locked in place.

Commercial Polished Concrete Floor

This commercial space was an art studio in Nottingham, and it’s floor was nothing more than an ugly slab on the ground when we first found it. The way in which the floor had originally been laid was noticeably poor even to the untrained eye. On top of that, the finish was nowhere near the quality we would deem acceptable. Work started when we begin to grind away the surface laitence in order to reach the paste of the concrete below. Nothing could be done until this task was properly completed.

Once that stage was over, any tooling scratches had to be removed and as we did this, we got closer to the smith and glossy finish the client was hoping for. The penetrating sealer we use was then applied to keep everything resilient and strong for a long time to come. In the end, the finished floor was a major improvement upon the look and quality of the studio floor when we first arrived.

Polished Concrete Kitchen Floor

Kitchens are ideal for polished concrete floors and more and more people are choosing this option in theirs. As well as looking great and fitting in with pretty much any kitchen design, these kinds of floor are also very easy to keep clean and hygienic, which is obviously a big deal in the kitchen. This particular kitchen floor project was part of an entire kitchen refurbishment. And the results we created looked stunning.

The surface paste first needed to be ground down, which then helped expose the limestone and granite aggregate that was found beneath it. This is usually the most arduous part of the project, but it went smoothly and once we got there, the work of polishing could begin. The clear and glossy finish to the floor perfectly suited the modern kitchen design. Another important factor for the client was the durable and hard wearing nature of the concrete. It’s even possible to use this polished concrete as a countertop solution too, so that’s worth considering.

Stone Finish Polished Concrete Floor

This stone finish project was carried out on a floor we had already worked on for the client in the past. The reason for our return to it was down to the fact that the client wanted to make use of our premium range of diamond abrasives. It’s a more expensive and far higher quality approach, and it’s something all customers should consider. Our work is always carried out to the best of our ability, but the results are clearly better when better quality products are involved.

It’s entirely up to you how you want us to approach your flooring project, but you can see for yourself what a difference the right products make to the end results. Just compare the images provided of the stone finish polished concrete flooring provided before bed after the up to date premium abrasives were used on the floor. There are plenty of photos that you can look at to make your mind up, but don’t assume the difference is minimal because in this case, it was very pronounced.

As you can see, there are many different types of work we can do for you, whether you’re looking or a commercial polished concrete floor installation or something for your residential home. We’ve already helped many customers across Nottingham and the country, so you only need to get in touch with us if you want to be our next satisfied customer.

It’s our pleasure to offer a free quote to any interested customer. Call our phone number, visit our location or request a call back on our Contact Us page if you do want a quote or have any questions to ask. A member of our team will be more than happy to accommodate you.