Mapei Ultratop Polishing

We are currently working on a series of sample boards for Mapei Ultratop flooring, polished in our own unique way. There is a need for us to do this as enquiries for the Mapei product are really high, with many seeing the topping as a genuine alternative to standard polished concrete. The aim is to give customers the chance to have a polished concrete look for new builds, extensions etc.

This is an old post. We now manufacture our own pourable concrete overlay called CARRcrete PROtop

As Mapei Ultratop can be applied from 5mm – 40mm thick, it is perfect for laying over existing concrete floors that are sturdy and solid, yet unsuitable for polishing. The topping effectively gives your floor a whole new lease of life.

Mapei Ultratop is a great topping product that comes in a range of colours, is abrasion resistant and looks even more impressive when subjected to our swiss diamond abrasives.