CARRcrete IndustrialFloor

Industrial polished concrete floors in factories, warehouses and garages benefit greatly from the smooth non-slip reflective surface created by our diamond abrasives. Companies all over the world are moving away from resin covered or painted floors to polished concrete and for good reason.

CARRcrete has created a specification for diamond abrasive processing of industrial concrete floors called CARRcrete IndustrialFloor; available in matt, satin and gloss finishes.

More than impressive, IndustrialFloor by CARRcrete is very practical for the industrial environment.

We have provided polished concrete floors to the CARRcrete IndustrialFloor specification to aerospace companies, food packaging factories, car assembly plants, repair garages. They have all seen the benefits of the transition to polished concrete.

CARRcrete IndustrialFloor is a premium floor finish for industrial floors which receive heavy traffic from fork trucks, trolleys and pedestrian foot fall.

Benefits of polished concrete for industrial areas

  1. Power savings from reduced lighting
  2. Less cleaning chemicals
  3. Less maintenance
  4. No repainting
  5. No coating repairs
  6. Improved slip resistance

All of our industrial polished concrete floors are fully sealed using two different types of stain guard for maximum protection and can be polished to various levels of gloss. We recommend the highest gloss polish concrete for maximum stain resistance, improved lighting and cost saving potential.

We work using a dry grinding process attached to high powered H-Class vacuums reducing dust and mess to an absolute minimum, whilst maintaining high levels of performance and efficiency throughout the concrete grinding and polishing process. We have also developed specific tooling for paint, resin and coating removal so surface preparation is carried out far quicker than our competition.

Free test areas are available for industrial polished concrete flooring, this allows you to test the durability of our work and see how the polished surface reflects light into the working environment. You may also be asking how much does polished cost per square metre?

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