Improved Concrete Floor Polishing Service

This week we have completely altered our concrete floor grinding and polishing system, improvements are massive, almost unbelievably good. But what led us to this change in technique?

Well, this week whilst working in Essex we were faced with what is possibly the worst ‘professionally’ laid floor of our career. Poorly laid, little compaction, depressions caused by bull floats and trowels, uneven and not smooth. In short, completely different to the specification we gave to our client. And as I said, laid by a professional; beggars belief.

Our dilemma was simply ‘how do we cope with this?’ Having to grind away over 10mm from a concrete slab just to have a fresh canvas to work with isn’t the norm. Plus our clients who are a wonderful couple were relying on us to overcome these problems; it was time to pull something out the bag

We knew our current process would grind the concrete floor flat, but it would take time, more time than available. This is where we had an epiphany and developed a completely different way of working.

Without giving away any secrets, I can tell you the improvements have been huge, for example:

  1. 100% increase in productivity when grinding
  2. 50% increase in productivity when honing or polishing
  3. 100% faster bug hole filing
  4. Dust production reduced to almost nothing
  5. Higher gloss and clarity
  6. Recycling of waste products
  7. 50% Less electricity usage

Needless to say, this fundamental change to our concrete floor polishing system has proved so successful with our current project, that we are now planning to roll the same system out on all of our future projects.