Frequently Asked Questions About Polished Concrete Flooring

Day to day we answer lots of questions on polished concrete flooring, via email and phone. Here are a few of our most commonly asked questions relating to concrete floor polishing.

What locations do you cover?

We are happy to work all of over the country, we are based near Newark, Nottinghamshire and often accommodate our staff close to the project site when necessary.

What size areas will you undertake?

We are happy to accommodate residential sizes floors up to large factories, if it is concrete we can grind and polish it with precision.

How important is the quality of the concrete?

Very important, the better the quality of the concrete the better the finish, and more cost effective. If the concrete is poorly mixed and placed, there is a lot more preparation involved and associated costs.

Our CARRcrete designer concrete overlay products were specifically designed to overcome the limitations of standard concretes, this is our preferred choice.

Is it possible to have a uniform look to the concrete?

Not really, by the very nature of mixing and subsequent placing of the concrete it lends itself to be inherently non-uniform in appearance. There maybe more aggregate in one area than another, we as polishers cannot alter this.

Can I specify a certain mix of cement/aggregate?

With our CARRcrete designer concrete overlay products we can certainly try our best to accommodate your mix requirements.

Are all sized areas/finishes priced the same?

All of our finishes are priced individually as they require different amounts of time and diamond abrasives etc. Some areas may require more preparation than others, some may require more densification or sealing.

Are polished concrete floors easy to maintain?

Yes very easy, once fully polished and our stain guard is applied, you simply dust mop on a regular basis and wet mop with a neutral pH cleaner when necessary. Many of our customers use non-woven diamond pads and water only to clean their floors, very eco-friendly.