Residential Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete floors in a residential setting like your home, conservatory or even your garage adds a unique twist to your decor.

Polish existing concrete floors in your home

We can supply and lay your concrete in a range of 28 colours. Or if you already have a concrete floor installed we can transform that old grey slab into something wonderful.

Costs no more than professionally laid tiles

Residential polished concrete costs no more than a decent tiler and tiles, the bonus is that the polished concrete floor will continue to outlast any other floor surface. Plus if your taste changes in a few years, we can alter the look to suit.

  1. Unique look, every floor is different
  2. Variety of colours and finishes
  3. Very robust and hard wearing
  4. Low lifetime costs
  5. Low maintenance, easy to clean
  6. Can be used over underfloor heating
  7. Look can be altered/modified if your taste changes

We have provided polished concrete floors to interior designers, architects, television programmes, home owners with flair, car enthusiasts, pretty much anyone who has an eye for quality.