Power Trowelled Concrete Floors – How To Get Cream Polished Concrete

top ways to get cream polished concrete
The Stylish Look Of The Cream Finish Floor

CARRcrete InfinityFloor are all the rage at the moment, so how do you get a feature polished concrete floor in your home or commercial premises? How do you achieve this look? The finish you are after is the contemporary cloudy, swirly concrete floors that are all the fashion in architects brochures and interior design magazines; full on industrial chic!

InfinityFloor Cream Polished Concrete Floor
You Would Like Your Floor To Look Like This

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But my current floor is rough concrete

The options for achieving this style of flooring are relatively uncomplicated. If you have an existing floor it is highly unlikely you will achieve this look without applying a CARRcrete PROtop Loft overlay to the surface. Our overlay is applied in multiple thin coats by hand trowel and it is these thin coats and trowel movements that create those stylish swirls and subtle cloudy textures.

The use of a CARRcrete PROtop Loft overlay opens up a wide range of choice, stacks of colour options give you the power to totally customise your floor, different application techniques and sealers further enhance the options to available.

So if you current concrete floor looks like the one below or similar, you will need to have an overlay applied.

Badly Laid Concrete Floors Are Expensive To Polish
Oh No, Your Floor Looks Like This… Ouch!

Height concerns aren’t really that much of an issue as CARRcrete PROtop Loft is installed at around 3-4mm thick which for comparisons sake is like 3-4 stacked playing cards. And the further good news is that our overlay products can be applied on concrete slabs, sand:cement screeds, over tiles and have no problem with underfloor heating.

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I’m just about to install a new concrete

Now if you have not had your concrete slab installed yet, there is every possibility that you can achieve the same CARRcrete InfinityFloor Cream finish using regular concrete. You just need to ensure the floor installed by a professional concrete layer and power trowelled to industrial floor standards; we can provide a specification for this.

The inherent downside to this option is that you are relying on your contractor to do the work correctly, so it is important to check that they

  1. Have seen the required specification
  2. Are capable of undertaking the work to spec
  3. Understand that they are installing the floor as a finish floor finish

Follow these pointers and you’ll be fine to get us to polish your floor to the cream finish.

Your concrete floor should look like this if correctly installed
Your concrete floor should look like this if correctly installed

How do I maintain my contemporary polished concrete floor?

The cleaning and maintenance of all CARRcrete floors is easy, with the InfinityFloor Cream finish there will be a sealer applied to the surface to give additional stain resistance to the floor.

We recommend using a dry microfibre mop on a daily basis to remove dust and debris to prevent scratching of the sealer and to keep the floor clean for longer without the need for wet mopping. If you should need to wet mop, we recommend using our PROcare pH neutral cleaner and maintaining product for gentle removal of soiling and maintenance of the sealer.

Simply spray a finish mist of diluted product over the floor surface and wipe down with a clean microfibre mop.

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