Concrete Polisher Hire

Why hire a concrete polisher or a concrete polishing machine, when you can have the work done professionally?

To save money?

You may think you are going to save a little money by hiring, but when you add in the delivery charges, wear costs on tooling often charged by millimetre of wear, the chemicals required to harden and seal the concrete, that initial saving often costs far more than hiring a professional concrete polisher like ourselves.

Polishing concrete looks easy

Yes, we know there are loads of videos on youtube which show guys walking back and forth with a big machine, it looks really easy. The reality is that it isn’t, at least 30% of our diary is filled with regrinds to floors that have either been done DIY or by a tradesman who thought it looked easy.

Don’t believe everything you see on YouTube, there a multitude of things to consider when polishing your floor. If you really want to save money then opt for our CARRcrete ECOfloor.

Scratches on a concrete floor from a hired machine
Scratches on a concrete floor from a hired machine

It is easy to mess up your floor

If you value your floor finish get a professional in; you are going to be walking on that floor for a long time.

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