Concrete Floor Preparation

For years CARRcrete have provided concrete floor preparation services using our diamond grinding machinery. We are able to provide surface preparation for the removal of adhesives, paint, resins all in a dust free manner that does not damage the floor like planing and shot blasting can.

CARRcrete can also smooth out poorly laid concrete floors ready for covering with alternative floor finishes. In fact we do this on a routine basis and have helped many clients overcome problems with their floors.

We are happy to tackle concrete floor preparation projects across the country, of any size.

CARRcrete has concrete grinding machines of different sizes to suit a multitude of applications, everything from small single head grinders through to huge eight head monster grinders. We pride ourselves on being able to leave floors finely ground ready for resin or paint, no need for further remedial works unlike planed or shot blasted floors.

Floor Preparation And Grinding Of Concrete Floors