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Protect Your Concrete Surfaces Before Polishing Starts

Stains On Concrete Floor

If you are going to polish a concrete surface, I cannot stress enough how important it is to protect the surface from damage or the contamination generated by subsequent tradesmen with products such as gypsum plaster, paint, varnish or their tea and coffee breaks, traffic and scratches from unwanted abrasion. And let us not forget …

Soft And Unpolishable Concrete Floors

Soft Concrete Floor For Polishing

Can you polish soft concrete floors? Concrete is difficult enought to polish; why make the process more difficult? It is an incredibly time consuming and expensive task to get a satisfactory polished concrete floor from soft concrete. Often we find builders and end clients struggle to understand why their concrete is soft; hopefully this article …

How To Get The Contemporary No Stone Polished Concrete Floor

Polished Concrete Floors UK

CARRcrete InfinityFloor Cream floors are all the rage at the moment, so how do you get a feature polished concrete floor in your home or commercial premises? How do you achieve this look? The finish you are after is the contemporary cloudy, swirly concrete floors that are all the fashion in architects brochures and interior …

Polished Concrete Floor Cost?

Is A Polished Concrete Floor Expensive

How Much Is Polished Concrete Per Square Metre? What does a polsihed concrete floor cost? We are often asked ‘Is a polished concrete floor expensive?’ The short answer to this question is ‘no more than any other premium floor finish’. Expect diamond grinding and polishing of existing/newly laid floors to be around £50 per square …

Cheap Polished Concrete – The Truth

How can some companies produce polished concrete at a far lower cost the next? Are they missing something out of the process, using inferior products or simply more efficient? Let us look at some of the aspect affecting polishing concrete pricing.

Concrete Polisher Hire

Why hire a concrete polisher or a concrete polishing machine, when you can have the work done professionally? To save money? You may think you are going to save a little money by hiring, but when you add in the delivery charges, wear costs on tooling often charged by millimetre of wear, the chemicals required …