CARRcrete PROtop Concrete Overlay Training Pour

Our new apprentice David had never laid a floor before joining us a few weeks back.

Here we are throwing him in the deep end by giving him the task of laying our storage room floor (no pressure). As we mentioned, David had never laid a floor or used the tools in the video prior to this day. He was simply given a few instructions beforehand and throughout the installation.

As you can see we have sped up the video, but we feel David did an excellent job in applying the CARRcrete PROtop concrete overlay Over the 45m2 area in 55 minutes.

CARRcrete PROtop Concrete Overlay is an off white colour as standard and in this video we added some black pigment to create a charcoal coloured floor.

After 3 days the concrete micro topping had hardened to 35 mpa and ready for diamond polishing.

CARRcrete PROtop is a highly advanced pourable self levelling concrete overlay and micro topping, suitable for 5-15mm applications. Our product produces 30% less CO2 than the competition, uses 10% less water, includes recycled materials for an more environmentally friendly flooring solution that polishes like no other.